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Construction work

  Winterthur Switzerland — Bundesamt für Straßen ASTRA, Abteilung Straßeninfrastruktur Ost, Filiale Winterthur
Published October 7, 2015 — Deadline November 11, 2015 (3 years ago)
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Contract notice
For the routing of the N01 the early 70s of the slope was cut sometimes massively. When building up stability problems, which led to the creation of the anchored pile wall Rossberg showed. To ensure the long-term slope stability Rossberg existing anchors are replaced by new permanent strand anchors. The slope is monitored using inclinometers. In the inclinometers to date no relevant shifts were observed. The slope can be currently evaluated by the anchored pile wall as stable. Repair pile wall Rossberg: - replacement of all anchor rod by controllable Strand; - Amplifying the head bar and the Longarine; - Introducing cement stabilization behind the existing head beams to ensure the anchor force into the building; - Local repair existing bored piles; - Demolition and rebuilding of the drainage channel on the Longarine; - Demolition and replacement of drain shell before Longarine; - Demolition guiding barrier and Wildlife fence on top bar; - Supply and installation guiding barrier and Wildlife fence on top bar; - Maintenance position Unterhaltsweg: foundation layer and outer layer with Netstalerstrasse. Repair of existing drainage of slopes on the mountain side of the pile wall: - replacement of drainage channels in individual areas; - Align and rerouting of shifted drainage channels; - Cleaning and adjustment work.

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