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Medical equipments

  Wysokie Mazowieckie Poland — Szpital Ogólny
Published October 24, 2017
Notice type
Award notice
Versamed Łukasz Giczan

The subject of the order is the delivery of medical equipment SOR. A detailed description of the subject of the contract is attached hereto.

The order concerns a homogenous set of medical devices and equipment for the needs of the SOR in the General Hospital in Wysokie Mazowiecki.

The subject matter of the order consists of the following elements:

ECG device on a trolley 2 pcs

Bronchofiberoscope 1 pc

Control panel of vital functions 1 pc

2-cardioversion device

Medical apron 12 pcs

3-piece surgical treatment lamp

Laryngoscope set 5 pcs

Bed of intensive care 2 pcs

Observation bed with mattress 4 pcs

Digital Negatoscope 1 pc

Infusion fluid heater 7 pcs

Infusion pump 18 pcs

Simple life monitor 4 pcs

Transporter 4x pulse oximeter

Stationary and transport 2 pcs

Stationary ventilator 2 pcs

Manual resuscitator 6 pcs

Patient rolls 6 pcs

Electric Mammal 6 pcs

Rack for medical waste bags 12 pcs

Treatment and surgical table 2 pcs

Patient heating system 3 pcs

Medical stool without support 15 pcs

Medical stool with support 6 pcs

Ultrasonograph with head 1 pcs

Medical scale 1 pc

anesthesia cart with 6 items

Cart for transport of corpses 1 pc

Wheelchair 8 pcs

Rescue cart with equipment 2 pcs

Trolley 4 pcs

Transport cart 2 pcs

Trolley Bath 1 pc

Advanced live function monitor 4 pcs

Fluid Quick Set 4 pcs.

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