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Medical equipments

  Wysokie Mazowieckie Poland — Szpital Ogólny
Published July 18, 2015 — Deadline August 24, 2015 (4 years ago)
Notice type
Contract notice
1. The contract is comprehensive facilities with the necessary assembly and possible adaptation of the premises of the hospital emergency ward and the operating theater, including in the field of trauma-orthopedic surgery, general surgery and obstetrics and gynecology according to the terms of reference of the assortment and amounts shown in detail in Annex 3 Terms of Reference and in accordance with the design of medical technology and powykonawczym construction project. 2. The object of the contract offered must meet at least the functions and parameters described in Annex 3 Terms of Reference - identified as limit parameters. 3. The tenders will be accepted equivalent, provided that the item offered is similar functionally and as close as possible in terms of design, materials from which it is made, size, etc. For making exemplary, and the Contractor shall submit the relevant offer document, which is a way clear it becomes clear that the object of the contract offered has operational and technical parameters - users are not inferior to the parameters specified in the product design. Any risk (including the cost of any expert reports) of proving equivalence rests with the Contractor. Legal Basis: Art. 29 paragraph. 3 of the Act.

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