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Architectural and related services

  Offenbach Germany — Magistrat der Stadt Offenbach am Main, Stadtplanung, Verkehrs- und Baumanagement
Published September 30, 2017 — Deadline November 2, 2017 (a year ago)
Notice type
Contract notice

Planning services according to HOAI part 3, object planning of buildings and interior spaces, within the performance phases 1 to 9, with a preferential and 2 alternative solution variants for the structural improvement of a day care center with 5 groups.

The day-care center is to be adapted to current requirements and current requirements.

Location of facility:

It is bounded to the north and east by fields, south and west of multi-storey residential development.

Building structure:

577 m 2 ,


The flat roof consists of trapezoidal sheets with thermal insulation.


This also includes all future changes to the funding specifications as of the date of their announcement.

The provision of the service is to be started immediately after the order has been placed.

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