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Sewage, refuse, cleaning and environmental services

  Ohlsdorf Austria — Energetische Reifenverwertungs GmbH
Published August 6, 2015
Notice type
Award notice
EVN Abfallverwertung NÖ GmbH
Transporting from the remediation of contaminated sites O77 "tire warehouse Ohlsdorf" by the client cleared, presorted and mechanically crushed calorific Altgummi- + mixed plastic fraction and (thermal) treatment in one or more treatment / recovery facilities. The waste fraction consists of a mixture of waste tires chips, rubber bands, conveyor parts, hoses, belts, rubber mats, plastic parts, injection molding waste. SN lt ÖN 2100:. 91103, 91107 and 57501, 57,502th European Waste Code: 19 12 04 and 1912 12 NOTE: The AG is subject only due to legal requirements promoting the procurement law. Mandatory notice, does not cause binding to the public procurement law over the present procurement process addition.

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