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Architectural services for buildings

  Pforzheim Germany — Land Baden-Württemberg, vertreten durch den Landesbetrieb Vermögen und Bau Baden-Württemberg, Amt Pforzheim
Published April 24, 2015
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K + H Architekten und Generalplaner GmbH
75323 Bad Wildbad, Kuranlagenallee 8, repair of the spa. Architectural services under Part 3, Section 1 HOAI. The spa was built in 1908 to 1910 in the bathroom Wildbader spas and designed by Otto Kuhn. The stately building with Art Nouveau elements is a listed building and has a net floor area (NGFa) with 3 280 m2. He has event space, a large hall with a stage and a catering establishment. The building has undergone major changes since 1956 already and got the last comprehensive rehabilitation 1983-85. This was accompanied by considerable spatial interventions. After 30 years of use, the building requires not only inside but also on the entire outer shell of a reorganization. Leaks in the roofing and moisture damage to the facade in the wood shingle cladding and also in the base area must be eliminated. The windows of different construction periods are to be investigated and if necessary, revised. Here, in all parts of the action, taking into account economic, environmental and heritage aspects, energy improvements as much as possible to be achieved. Larger spatial interventions and functional changes are not planned. Nevertheless, the construction by the requirements for preventive fire protection at a venue as well as the need to adapt the technical building equipment to current standards will not be insignificant. All actions and decisions have to be taken into account historic preservation concerns and be coordinated with the appropriate conservation authority. When editing original buildings restorers are to participate. The total estimated construction cost around 8 000 000 EUR.

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