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Architectural design services

  Debrecen Hungary — Debrecen Megyei Jogú Város Önkormányzata
Published August 27, 2015
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Award notice
Lengyel Építész Műterem Építésztervező Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság és az Archiko Építőipari Tervező Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság
"In the" Create a Community Intermodal Transportation Center in Debrecen "in connection with the preparation of subjects TOP 5.5.0-09-11-2012-0002 identification number of major project, the Intermodal Transportation Center Community unrestricted property rights, complete the acquisition, including the revised construction permit documentation Creating "the" Intermodal Transportation Center in Debrecen Community "adopted by TOP 5.5.0-09-11-2012-0002 identification number of major project related to the Intermodal Transportation Center Community buildings, buildings of public works property rights unlimited, complete the acquisition, including within the framework of the preparation of revised licensing plan documentation of the design contract detailed in the tender documents. Debrecen Municipality Planning Agreement signed on 04/08/2014 preparing the building permit and detailed design documentation. The authorization procedure is in progress. The latter task is not a part of this acquisition, it is performed by the original designer of plans. Additional costs of the construction project amount increased by approximately 21.7 billion HUF. These proceedings winner is therefore bound to the design contest I prized path plant and the original design contract design program to those contained in such a way that during the design task (redesign) the following aspects should be taken into account, which are detailed in the tender documentation includes: The number 4 the transfer of main road - 8157 m2 retained technical solution for the traffic levels and relationships in addition to redesigning. The bus terminal case of the motor vehicle traffic, pedestrian traffic completely separated. - Végállomás- place 2 pieces of rail-mounted stop -villamos head is conceptually correct, but if the redesign will affect all of the necessary modifications to a plan to be transferred. The balance of the overall planning of parking areas after taking into account the need to ensure the changes. The building "C" does not belong to the renovated area portion, but the fire szakaszolásról solution must be plan level. The "B" building renovated and converted into MÁV office space is approx 2,000 m² placed together with possible border area of ​​the building "D" that is, the area is reduced by 30%. The "B" building -vasút állomás- the area on the ground floor (2,476 sq m) in the passenger areas, ticket offices if the changes warrant áttervezendő. 1,500 m² of floor space. The fields must join peronkialakítás FŐMTERV design plan prepared by the underpass level contacts. The park surfaces SLOTS -29 282 m2 in the original licensee plans due course released from the buildings, structures and reduction of areas to the extent necessary áttervezendők tervezendőek. The changes to be introduced in all relevant industry-specific tervdokumentáción. Overall:.... The reduction includes the area of ​​the building "C" is 13,000 m² from 11,500 m² to be reduced from 40% to 45% to be reduced to accommodate the cover design of the temporary facilities under construction, of which the solution of Debrecen the County Municipality of must be approved. The design documentation must give the IKKK to build a complete solution. completion deadline for the revised design plan documentation for 15 days from the date of issuance of the amended pre licensee design documentation plan of the Council and following customer acceptance. in the authorization plan documentation for technical content, DKV Debrecen Transport Company. and the North Hungarian Transport Centre Plc., MÁV Zrt. to be representatives of the participants plan consultations are reconciled. Only the detailed design documentation, storyboards consultation with them flow the preparation of the modified permit plan in close cooperation. substantive decisions affecting the technical content of design documentation should be involved in decision of the contracting authority, the technical conditions of the contracting authority may be required to be kept fully informed. In addition to transfers any official responsible for the warranty, specialized authorities, operators of public utility regulations, supply of missing items and additions arising from the purchase of machinery authorization procedures for carrying out the plans of. The start of the warranty period shall be calculated as a valid building permit has been issued and the date of delivery of the revised plans licensee and the modified construction and other permits, licensing authority is submitted. The licensee of amendments design documentation and building permit and other documentations in paper and electronic formats (pdf, tiff, and DWG or DWF format) the number of copies as detailed below, the contractor is obliged to deliver. Modified by licensee / settlement commenting visual design documentation 8 for example. 8 eg printed documentation. digitally documenting E +

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