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Education and training services

  Helsinki Finland — Helsingin kaupungin hankintakeskus
Published January 20, 2015 — Deadline February 26, 2015 (3 years ago)
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Contract notice
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City, Real_estate
The acquisition is subject to apprenticeship training in a professional secretary preparatory education for theoretical training and skills examinations organization. Apprenticeship training is aimed at producing job and the employee on the needs of training. Work skills needed in addition to tutkintotavoitteisuudella to ensure the trainee a formal qualification, which promotes mobility in the labor market. Apprenticeship Students are employed by the employer company. The employer takes the apprenticeship training of its employees and the employer is responsible for the student's learning at work. The City of Helsinki Education Department, Karlstad Institute of Adult Education, Apprenticeship Training Center (hereinafter referred to Karlstad Adult Education College Apprenticeship Centre ') is organizing the training. Karlstad Adult Education College Apprenticeship Training Centre ("Subscriber") is to improve the work life know-how, the company's competitiveness and employment in Helsinki and the Helsinki metropolitan area. Karlstad Adult Education College Apprenticeship Centre is responsible for all apprenticeship administrative tasks. The acquisition formed a framework agreement, which elected for a maximum of five (5) service providers. Note. Notification information can be found Tarjouspalvelu.fi -toimittajaportaalista. Also, the offer / request to participate transmission is made through this. A direct link to the alert information can be found here Hilma notification: https://tarjouspalvelu.fi/helsinki/?id=25788&tpk=5c6d8d03-468d-4279-a18d-b974d6341837

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