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Unleaded petrol

  Skopje Macedonia — Directorate of Compulsory Reserves of Oil and Oil Derivatives
Published December 14, 2016
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Unleaded petrol

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Fact Sheet

Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia-Skopje: Unleaded petrol

2016/S 241-440621

Directorate of Compulsory Reserves of Oil and Oil Derivatives, Orce Nikolov street, No 71, For the attention of: Stanisha Nikolovski, Skopje 1000, The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Telephone: +389 23225228. Fax: +389 23225165. E-mail: stanisha.nikolovski@dcor.gov.mk

(Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union, 25.10.2016, 2016/S 206-374098)

CPV:09132100, 09134220

Unleaded petrol

Diesel fuel (EN 590)

Incomplete procedure
The awarding procedure has been declared unsuccessful

Other additional information

In accordance with the article 169 paragraph 1, alignment 2 of the Public Procurement Law (Official Gazette no

136/07,130/08, 97/10, 53/11, 185/11, 15/13,148/13, 28/14, 43/14, 130/14, 180/14, 78/15, 192/15, 27/16 and

120/16), Acting Director of the Directorate of Compulsory Oil Reserves as the contracting authority has adopted

Decision No. 05-1077/19 dated 9.12.2016 for annulation of the Contract Award Procedure — Open Procedure No 13/2016 for

purchasing of 1 oil derivative — Euro super BS 95 for the compulsory reserves of the Republic of Macedonia

(total 5 Lots).

Reason — Until the final date for filing the offers and the public opening held on 5.12.2016, there is not a single

offer received for these procedures.

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