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Provision of chilled, ambient, non-food, soft drinks and tobacco products for resale in MtoGo Travel Centres at 9 (nine) stations for Merseyrail Electrics 2002 Ltd.

  Liverpool United Kingdom — Merseyrail Electrics 2002 Ltd
Published April 25, 2015 — Deadline May 22, 2015 (4 years ago)
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Contract notice
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Merseyrail is looking to appoint a supplier to provide a range of chilled, ambient, non-food, soft drinks and tobacco products to all nine MtoGo Travel Centres for re-sale to the general public. Average number of cases ordered & delivered during 2013/2014 is 73,627 per year with approximately 7 % of total volume being chilled goods and the rest being ambient goods,non-food, soft drinks and tobacco products. As a minimum requirement, prospective bidders must demonstrate that they possess the following: — Formal competency in delivering products and services as described. — Demonstrate ability to fully understand the requirements of the customer as a potential client. — Ability to supply products 5 (five) days per week between 5:30—7:30 Monday—Friday inclusive. — Potential ability to supply products 7 (seven) days per week 24 (twenty four) hours per day (not currently a requirement). The new supply would need to meet the business' immediate and future requirements, be reliable, future proof, expandable and flexible. Ordering of ambient and chilled goods is currently automated, with the electonic point of sale (ePOS) system (‘Star/GlobalStore' provided by Fujitsu) at each of the MtoGo Travel Centres automatically sending a ‘smart' order to the current supplier based on sales history, shelf presentation levels and staff input at specified times to meet supplier order deadlines. The order takes the form of an XML file with headers to identify the MtoGo Travel Centre code and order codes of stock items required. The supplier fulfills this order, and all goods are automatically booked into our ePOS system by return of an electronic ‘receipt' without further staff intervention. It is desirable that the Bidder is capable of accepting orders electronically via the web, and we request that consideration is given to modification of your system to accept electronic orders directly from the ePOS system at our MtoGo Travel Centres. The Customer is able to provide technical specifications and the relevant contacts for development of the system as and when requested at tender stage. The proposed contract will be for a minimum of 3 (three) years but this may be extended for a further 2 (two) year term at the discretion of Merseyrail Electrics 2002 Ltd and with agreement from both parties. Full specification and requirements will be provided at tender stage.

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