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Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services

  Trier Germany — Cusanus Trägergesellschaft Trier mbH
Published February 26, 2015
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Award notice
W+P Ingenieure GmbH
The client intends in several stages for the organization of energy, building services and fire protection renovations at Caritas Hospital Lebach: - Moving endoscopy of the 4th floor in empty rooms on the ground floor; - Roof restoration; - Window Restoration; - Connection SV-sockets of the patient's room to new SV distributions; - Renovation lighting corridors; - Renovation of water pipes in shafts and corridors; - During construction activities in shafts and corridors; - Manufacture of fire protection detached storage rooms with elevator cores; - Accompanying fire Renovations; - Renovation visitors toilet first floor and 6 are not yet renovated bathrooms patients; - Renovation of kitchen and dishwasher; - Locking system; - Patient call system and television equipment; - Separation station drinking water.

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