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Medical equipments

  Piekary Śląskie Poland — Urząd Miasta Piekary Śląskie
Published October 3, 2015 — Deadline November 10, 2015 (3 years ago)
Notice type
Contract notice
General requirements. The contract is for the supply columns anesthetic, columns surgical instruments and columns increased oversight on the need to expand Municipal Hospital in Piekary Slaskie and support and technical assistance during the installation and connection to the installation and the training of personnel user (PCM Sp. Z oo) with the scope of their operation and maintenance. At the moment a building for which columns will be provided anesthesia, surgical columns and columns of intensified surveillance is carried out by the General Contractor (DOMBUD SA Katowice), from the date of completion of all the works as of 31.01.2016. The deadline mounting columns can be changed under subject to rescheduling the work carried out by the General Contractor. Etapowość should provide gradual supply of the columns so that their assembly was possible until 31.12.2015. The necessary supplies (if provided mount technology) should be performed already in the raw state before finishing works (assembly elements dirty), and the supply of components on "pure" in a manner compatible with the other work of the General Contractor. Supplier of columns will agree on a detailed timetable for delivery of the Employer (Municipality of Piekary Slaskie), you and General Contractor works, without disturbing the work of building a new BN. Delivery apply to the following columns: Type columns Number of sets 1 Column anesthetic 4 2 Column surgical 4 3 Column increased oversight of 10 Supplier of columns is owed select and customize the columns to the premises of the new building BN applicable laws and standards, in particular those relating to inpatient according to realized facts. The duty of the supplier of the object of the contract as part of the bid price is the delivery and support and technical assistance during installation columns anesthetic, columns surgical instruments and columns increased oversight equipped in accordance with the provisions in these Terms of Reference or under applicable laws and standards and technical conditions for hospitals and equipment medical. Along with columns at the offer price provider will also provide mounting and ceiling grilles. Created as part of the bid price will conduct staff training in the use and operation of columns, as well as provide all certifications, approvals, reports, statements and instructions in paper and electronic form. Employer requires a minimum guarantee period of 60 months - submitted in writing. The Supplier shall be agreed before the columns of visualization and color of the Employer and the User. Columns must be durable, functional and aesthetically made. Columns must comply with all requirements of applicable laws and standards, in particular technical, sanitary, health and safety, fire protection. - In the range of medical and medical products. The exact arrangement of all slots on the columns must be before they are executed agree with you and the customer. Specific requirements anesthetic columns: 1) Column new, unused, not-recycled, manufactured not earlier than 2015. 2) Column equipped with friction brakes and air in all the joints. 3) Handles for positioning columns to control a whole and the individual elements of a column equipped with control keys or an equivalent system. 4) The device is designed for installation in the operating room, the ceiling of a two-part articulated arm, hinged. 5) The machine easy to clean, resistant to cleaning and disinfecting products also alcohol-based, smooth surfaces without protruding parts, rounded shapes with no sharp edges and corners with no visible screws, nuts, etc. 6) The head equipped with separate ducts for the installation of gas and electricity, 7) Expandable column of additional electrical outlets and gas, extra shelves and brackets for mounting hardware, cables, gas installations connected hospital in accordance with applicable laws and standards,

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