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  Trier Germany — Zweckverband Wasserwerk Kylltal
Published November 30, 2017
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Award notice
SWT Stadtwerke Trier Versorgungs-GmbH

Supply of electrical energy from renewable energies (green electricity) (output and work) with recording power measurement for the water supply facilities of the Zweckverband Wasserwerk Kylltal (total 9 points of sale).

Provision and supply of electrical energy (power and work) from renewable energy sources with recording power measurement to the nine points of sale of the water supply plants of the Zweckverband Wasserwerk Kylltal. The supply of electrical energy to the 9 points of sale takes place in the form of three-phase current from the medium-voltage network with a voltage of 20kV and a frequency of 50 Hz. It is a power supply including network use.

For the planned delivery period of two years, a total electricity purchase of 4,400,000 kWh is forecast.

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