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Specialized equipment for the Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology.

  Bratislava Slovakia — Slovenská technická univerzita v Bratislave – Rektorát
Published October 1, 2014 — Deadline November 14, 2014 (4 years ago)
Notice type
Contract notice
Object of the contract consists of the following devices and is divided into three parts as follows: a) specialized equipment (hereinafter referred to as subject 1) consisting of the following devices: - unit biomass decomposition under supercritical conditions of water - extractor with supercritical CO2 - UV-VIS spectrophotometer with a flow cell, - UV-VIS-NIR spectrophotometer, - HPLC with UV-VIS detector and accessories - high-pressure preparative liquid chromatography - high pressure liquid chromatography for the direct detection of metabolites in bioreactors - high performance liquid chromatography; b) continuous evaporator (hereinafter referred to as Subject 2); c) filtering centrifuge (hereinafter referred to as subject 3). The contracting authority will evaluate each part / Subject offer separately.

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