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Miscellaneous furniture and equipment

  Plovdiv Bulgaria — община Пловдив
Published July 31, 2015
Notice type
Award notice
„Дибо“ АД, ЕИК 127015696
The purpose of this contract is to be / be elected / and Artist / and possessing / and appropriate professional qualifications and experience, which / who Plovdiv Municipality to assign the supply of equipment and furniture for the Youth Centre, the project "Construction of the youth center in Plovdiv., "the program" Children and youth at risk, "Component 1" Care for Youth at Risk ", financed by the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area (EEA FM) from 2009 to 2014, implemented by the Municipality of Plovdiv in its capacity Beneficiary. The subject of the contract covers the supply of: equipment and furnishings of the Youth Centre, hereinafter referred to as "goods". The goods covered by the contract, and their quantities are detailed in technical and price proposal. The delivery of goods will be carried out according to a written request submitted to the Contractor by fax or email. The Contractor shall deliver the goods in the quoted him months of receipt. Deliveries will be made to address specified by the Client in the written request. After delivery the Contractor shall issue an invoice. The conditions under which will be implemented subject of the contract, as the rights and obligations of the Employer and the Contractor are under project contract, technical and price proposal of the Contractor.

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