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Accounting, auditing and fiscal services

  Alkmaar Netherlands — Gemeente Bergen
Published March 22, 2017
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Award notice
Ipa-Acon Assurance BV

The councils of the municipalities of Bergen (NH), Uitgeest, Castricum and Heiloo each have a separate contract for audit services to the audit of the financial statements 2016. As of fiscal year 2017, putting the councils of these municipalities this task together back in the market . They do this under Article 213, second paragraph, of the Municipalities Act which requires the City Council appoints an auditor for the audit of the financial statements, thereby providing an auditor and submit a report of findings.

Apart from the above audit services for individual municipalities this task embraces also the auditing of the Joint Control Work organization BUCH from the financial year 2017. This regulation comes from 1.1.2017 into force and thus comes to an administrative merger of the municipalities of Bergen (NH) Uitgeest, Castricum and Heiloo. Thus, there is talk of an implementation, now set the operation of the four municipalities in this scheme. The appointment of the auditor is made by the general board of the Work Organization BUCH having regard to Article 37, second paragraph, of the Common Regulations Work organization BUCH in Article 213 of the Municipalities Act applies mutatis mutandis explained.

The contract has a term of two calendar years and the fiscal year 2017 and 2018. A year shall be equal to a calendar year. Afterwards, the contracting entities, each insofar as it can in their power to extend the contract by 4 times 1 year. The contract is thus for a period of six years (from the year 2017 to the year 2022) put in the market and is including a possible extension of the contract of up to four years.

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