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Construction work

  Shumen Bulgaria — Агеция „Пътна инфраструктура“ — Областно пътно управление Шумен
Published November 22, 2017
Notice type
Award notice

The purpose of the public procurement is to assign a contractor for the construction and repair works of each of the objects - subject of the contract, managed by the Shoumen OU and to conclude a contract for their implementation, in order to improve the technical and operational characteristics of the buildings, which will ensure and increase their security, reduce the risk of their collapse and increase the comfort of their operation.

- Administrative building of Shumen OPU - there are offices of the officers of the UPS - Shumen. The building is located in the town of Shumen, 2 Oborishte Square, 76, UPI -HI.

The building has the following characteristics:

It was built in 1972 Act of Public State Property No. 2598 / 23.07.2012

The building is massive, consisting of five floors and basement, with reinforced concrete structure. Built-up area: 171m².

- Boaza canton, storehouse and annex to it - a base for maintenance, storage of second-hand materials for the deployment of snow-cleaning materials and machines and, if necessary, accommodation for disabled people traveling by motor vehicles.

Built on land plot № 501075 with location - Shumen district, Veliki Preslav municipality, Veliki Preslav town, BOAZA - repair works on the roofs of the buildings.

The building has the following characteristics:

The building was built in 1938, massive construction, Act for private state property № 2635 / 07.12.2012 The area of ​​the built canto.

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