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Consulting Global Middle - Business Mission, Market Visits, Matchmaking.

  Aarhus Denmark — Væksthus Midtjylland
Published October 12, 2013
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Award notice
EksportrådetAsiatisk Plads 2København K 1448 morsve@um.dk +45 33920000 www.um.dk
The contracts include the provision of consultancy services in connection with the implementation and recruitment of companies to the Business Mission as part of the project Global Middle. Greenhouse serves as operator of the Global Middle project, which has as its main purpose to create business growth and development through increased mobilization of export and internationalization perspectives in Region Midtjylland entrepreneurs and SMEs. The project runs until 31.12.2014. The project consists of a series of activities. Common to many of these activities are to be performed with a number of partners in charge of performing the tasks in cooperation with the Greenhouse with the acquisition of consultancy services to carry out parts of the tasks. The partners in the project Global Middle is: - Agro Business Park (Enterprise Europe Network) - VIA University College, Horsens - Central Denmark EU Office, Brussels. The total project Global Middle covers the following activities: - Market Visit: A number of market visits to foreign markets with 8-10 participating companies per. visit. The visits will take place at the Danish local markets, and aims to give the undertakings a first impression of the business opportunities in a new market. Each visit will last 1-2 days. Greenhouse NSW is responsible for the activity. - Export Coach scheme: The scheme aims to establish a mentoring program in which businesspeople can share experience, knowledge and advice to less experienced exporters or export managers. Greenhouse NSW is responsible for the activity. - Business Mission / matchmaking: A number of Business Missions and Matchmaking events in foreign markets. The aim is to strengthen the undertakings knowledge and business opportunities in the selected markets through the implementation of business missions and participation in international matchmaking (partenariats). There will be no local markets as well as emerging markets. Business Mission is expected to have a duration of 4-5 days. Matchmaking 2-3 days. Greenhouse NSW and Agro Business Park is responsible for the activity .. - Strategic partnership with Export Council: The purpose is to raise awareness of TCD offers and opportunities and give companies an easy and flexible access to TCD many foreign missions. Greenhouse NSW is responsible for the activity. - Sales to international organizations: The purpose of this initiative is that companies are informed about opportunities to participate in public tenders, including the EU, World Bank and UN procurement. Agro Business Park is responsible for the activity. - Intensified cooperation with GoGlobal: The purpose is to give companies an easier and more flexible access to make use of the various schemes and benefits GoGlobal collaboration features. GoGlobal cooperation consists of Export Council, the Investment Fund for Developing Countries Export Credit Fund and Danida. Greenhouse NSW is responsible for the activity. - Increased use of innovation centers: The aim is to strengthen the innovation capacity of companies in Central Jutland by providing access to leading foreign research and innovation environments by the Danish innovation centers. There will partly focus on three existing innovation centers (Munich, Shanghai and Silicon Valley), and three new innovation centers (Seoul, Sao Paulo and New Delhi / Bangalore). Agro Business Park is responsible for the activity. - Short-term workshops in internationalization and export: to raise companies' level of competence in the conduct of a number of export relevant workshops. Greenhouse NSW and VIA University College, Horsens is responsible for the activity. - Internationalization Package: The purpose is to assist a number of companies participating in the Global Middle, in a longer and more focused process. This will be done through co-financing of internationalization advice in the form of internationalization packages of 150 or 300 hours. Greenhouse NSW is responsible for actively's implementation. External consultancy for the implementation of the various activities offered, as appropriate, by separate tenders. The range of consulting services to the individual activities of the project is structured so that the Greenhouse NSW manages the bidding process, the final contract will be signed between the bidder and either Greenhouse NSW or the relevant partner / the relevant partners responsible of Global Middle consortium on the concrete activity. The contract included consultancy services in connection with the activities Business Mission (Partial 1-4) Market Visits (Partial 5) and Matchmaking (Partial 6). There were, however, not tender for lots

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