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Construction work

  Gdynia Poland — PCC Intermodal SA
Published February 4, 2015 — Deadline February 26, 2015 (4 years ago)
Notice type
Contract notice
UST 16, 81-061 Gdynia under "Procedures for concluding contracts PCC Intermodal SA" dated 28.02.2013 is available on the Company's website www.pccintermodal.pl/przetargi, announces a tender for the project titled .: "Construction of a garage for vehicle loading at the container terminal in Kutno ". 701-705. The tender will consist of two stages. In the first stage actors who register their interest in participating in the tender offer will submit pre-qualification. Stage two will end up filing final offers on paper. The criterion for selection of the tenderer will be the level of net income. The expected date for the task is 31.08.2015 year. Parties interested in submitting an offer, please send e-mail notification no later than 12/02/2015 to the address kutno.realizacja@pcc.eu valid e-mail notification should contain details of the person to contact on the part of Tenderer ie. name, position / function, telephone number, e-mail address. Send an email kutno.realizacja@pcc.eu w / in the notification e-mail is a prerequisite for obtaining a link to the server PCC Intermodal SA, which will be available on the subject of the tender specifications, design documentation, design contract for the works, as well as the appropriate permits and other relevant documents concerning the task of the investment. PCC Intermodal SA will provide w / the materials no later than the second business day after the receipt of the notification. Deadline for submission of prequalification bids expires on 02/26/2015 at 12:00. Tenders received after the deadline will not be considered. Purchaser expects submission of the following documents: allowed to submit a printout from the website: https://ems.ms.gov.pl/; 2. The original power of attorney to represent in the present case, if the bidder is represented by an attorney or if the Bidder is a consortium of companies; 3. The certificate of the competent tax-office and the relevant branch of the Social Insurance Institution confirming that the tenderer is not in arrears with payment of taxes, fees, and insurance premiums or social origin, or certificates that it has obtained an exemption, deferral or payment in installments overdue payments or stopping the implementation of decision of the competent authority; 4. The statement of the person authorized to represent the Bidder that is not initiated against the tenderer of the liquidation or bankruptcy, as well as the bankruptcy or liquidation of the body of the applicant in this proceeding; Condition shall be deemed to have been met by the Employer, if Oferentwykaże the cash or credit capacity of at least 500 thousand zł (or the equivalent in another currency); 6. policy or other insurance document confirming that the bidder is insured against liability in respect of business activity related to the subject of the contract sum warranty of at least 500 thousand zł (or the equivalent in another currency, in the case of entities established abroad Polish); 7. signed by a person authorized to represent the Tenderer Conditions of Participation in the Auction constitute acceptance of the conditions (according to Annex 1 to the announcement); 8. Statement of persons authorized to represent the Bidder that full responsibility for the complex through the purchasing platform offer, including the activities of the person indicated by name to participate in the auction (according to Annex 2 to the notice); 9. commitment to provide a full required in the tender documents in paper format within two (2) business days of the auction, or from the date on which the Purchaser informed bidders that he was resigning from the auction mode. (According to Annex 3 to the notice); 10. a statement of willingness to grant a 5-year warranty on the works involved (according to Annex 4 to the notice); 11. proof of payment of the bid bond in the amount of PLN 10 000; The offer price will be the starting amount of the electronic auction using PCC purchasing platform. The documents listed above in paragraphs 3 to 6 Purchaser deems binding only if these documents were issued no later than three months before the deadline for submission of tenders for this proceeding, ie. From the date of 26/11/2014 to 26/02/2015. Entity with which the Purchaser will be required to sign an agreement podsiadać throughout the duration of the contract a valid insurance policy for an amount not less than that specified in section 6. If the country in which the Applicant / Tenderer is established does not issue the documents referred to above, replaced by a properly document containing a statement made before a notary, a competent judicial or administrative authority of a professional or business association for the country in which the Purchaser is established. Documents,

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