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  Copenhagen Denmark — Direktoratet for Kriminalforsorgen
Published June 4, 2015
Notice type
Award notice
Hoffmann Firmatøj A/S
The Prison and Probation Service offered framework agreements on the supply of workwear for employees and clients. Probation buys each year for approximately 2,000,000 DKK in the above range. To control the operation and production in our institutions, there are approximately 400 work masters. They deal with all kinds of craft jobs. Included in the operation and production include maintenance of Probation institutions blacksmith workshops, carpentry workshops, agriculture and forestry. Probation want through this offering to enter into agreements in order to ensure uniformity in the products and offers to all institutions. Lot 1 - Workwear for employees. Lot 2 - Workwear for clients Lot 3 - Workwear forestry Lot 4 - Footwear for employees Lot 5 - Footwear for clients.

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