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Construction work

  Keszthely Hungary — Helikon Kastélymúzeum Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft.
Published February 25, 2015
Notice type
Award notice
ZÁÉV Építőipari Zrt. WEST Hungária BAU Építőipari Szolgáltató Kft. közös ajánlattevő
NYDOP-2.1.1 / A, B-12-K-2012 to 0004 of SEQ ID NO - construction design documentation through a project called "weekdays and holidays a ducal castle in Keszthely Castle Centuries' preparation, the designer's leadership, general-construction work. "The work carried out in an already developed area located, institutional and residential area is a protected historic building restoration, modernization, expansion and exploitation aimed at reconstruction, in addition to the continuous operation of the building. (KOH code: 10876) is calculated on the basis of pre-supply contracting activity under this procurement workflows simultaneously touch the three buildings in view requires a minimum capacity of 35-40 people. Development and restructuring of the Keszthely castle's main building: the transformation affected areas: - Main Entrance and the surrounding area; - Upstairs exhibition; - Wine Museum area (basement); - Exit area of ​​the museum; - Office Wing; - Economic and refrigerator door house; - Temporary exhibition space. The affected areas architect, structural engineering, engineering, and electrical work must be carried out as detailed in the tender plan. 1200 m² surface scaffolding required under the contract for services. Development and restructuring of the palm house annexe: cleared of barriers along the route to visit. Architect, structural engineering, mechanical and electrical building should be carried out as detailed in the tender plan works in the affected areas. The areas affected net: 292 m² (ground floor - 257.8 sqm, galleries - 34.2 sqm). Amazon in the visitor center building work to be done: the renovation of buildings in part two storey, part three-storey wing of the Castle ui basement, high-roofed building. The building will be fully renovated in accordance with the tender schedule. The net areas involved: 2 407.30 m² (cellar - 213.46 m², ground floor - 1016.32 sqm, floor - 926.21 m², engine house roof - 251.31 m² facade. 1,200 m²). The detailed design related NYDOP-2.1.1 / B-12's No. 2012-0004-winning projects include the following: - Check the review and, where necessary, the licensee plans. - The licensee plans based or priced and unpriced planning budgets attached tender plan for review. - If necessary, on Amazon's House amendment to the licensee plans falkutatásra made light of it properly. (Where a contract to provide in the future implementation plans to be there in this, as amended licensee plans at this point to understand.) - Authorities in consultation with expertise, consultation, obtaining the necessary permits from the authorities. Product under Regulation 16.). Ensuring compliance requirements. - Work with the Customer and the Customer standing contractual relationship with persons and organizations involved in design. Designer's leadership with respect to: the construction work area specific date of delivery of the Contractor shall notify the appropriate draft time. The performance is considered to be the contract, if the contract meets the design documentation and its annex in time, the full requirements set out in the tender documents, specifications, modernity and economic requirements. Exhibit Space works: Floor: 280 sqm ground floor 164 sqm area. The design fee flat rate, which is the design task in connection with the performance of all costs (required planning, paper, printing, labor etc) inclusive. Winning Bidder for the duration of the contract to be signed under procurement performance of office properties in or near the area affected by the execution has to maintain a suitable, always held on the construction site of the documents required by law to accommodate and guard. The restoration of the license application and the competent authority for the preparation and forms an integral part of the restoration plan to benyújtásért in charge of the restoration specialist restorer concerned. If, after the falkutatást compared to the currently valid building permit the construction plans are amended, the Contractor shall carry out consultation with the Customer to modify the plan License. Other than your specification made available brand and / or type of materials, tools and equipment in respect of the bidding stage Tenderers specific description shall be made which shall include, taking into account the current Roads specifications of the original name and type of the replacement products, equipment, device name, brand name, type, and the documents required to verify the equivalence.

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