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  Genzano di Roma Italy — Comune di Genzano di Roma
Published October 31, 2015 — Deadline December 10, 2015 (3 years ago)
Notice type
Contract notice
The contract and 'divided into two types of services. The first, determined and fixed in both time and in the amount of supply, including 1) the management of childcare services in the building owned by the city, located in Via Tevere 10, including staff education, care and personal hygiene the child, the provision of food and the resulting preparation, distribution and assistance with meals, the support staff for the service of hygiene and cleanliness of the premises, maintenance; 2) management of the nursery service of two sections in short time (up to a maximum of 15 children) at the property located in Via San Carlino, children weaned including staff education, care, support, and the ' baby hygiene; Carlino, bearing in mind that the number of children living in 'asylum' 42 and that there is, in staffing, the figure of a cook. Carlino, food ordered by the municipal staff for preparing meals at one of the local supermarkets. 8 teachers of the City; The second addition to the first, variable according to the needs that should take place annually during the 'year of the educational interest of this contract, including: Carlino; Carlino must be integrated additional units up to meet the maximum frequency of 21 children referred 7 to long time; Amounts relating to variable components, therefore, are to be specified in the 'financial offer

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