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Architectural design services

  Liberec Czech Republic — Liberecký kraj
Published October 14, 2017
Notice type
Results of design contests

The object of the competition "parking house, footbridge and cultivation of the surroundings of the seat of the Liberec Region" is the elaboration of an architectural and landscaping design of a public space adjacent to the seat of the Regional Authority of the Liberec Region (KÚLK).

It is expected to involve the county seat in the structure of the city, to cultivate the surroundings of the seat of the region with an emphasis on quality landscaping of the public space with sufficient amount of greenery, designing the footbridge and involvement of the Lužické Nisy stream, organizing all kinds of transport, including parkings on the ground floor and in the parking lot.

More detailed specifications of the subject of the competition are listed in the Building Program

General requirements of the contracting authority - building program:

- creating a high-quality public space involved in the existing city structure;

- applying green and integrating the river into the space being solved;

- interconnection of the banks of the Lužické Nisy River at the entrance to the KÚ LK building;

- securing the required parking capacity (final target - 360 seats / parking house + parking on the ground floor + 2 places for charging electric vehicles);

- Appropriate transport connection to existing roads including the connection of the planned cycle path;

- Respect for the economic possibilities of the contracting authority - the expected investment is CZK 67,000,000.

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