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Agricultural, farming, fishing, forestry and related products

  Stuttgart Germany — Universität Hohenheim
Published May 20, 2017
Notice type
Award notice
Aqua Schwarz GmbH

The acquisition of professional management systems for Xenopus laevis and tropicalis according to the requirements of the Animal Protection Act.

Acquisition and installation of professional maintenance systems, taking into account selection criteria for providers:

- Experience with Xenopus posture

- Reliable and proven technology

- fulfillment of animal welfare requirements

- Support in emergencies due to animal welfare requirements

Experience with Xenopus posture:



This method is highly efficient and, in addition, very low in maintenance, as well as low follow-up costs for additional filter media, such as fine filters, which only have to filter any residual substances from the plant water.

Compliance with animal welfare requirements:

Relevant for Xenopus posture systems are:

1.1. B) Each facility must have a maintenance program to prevent or repair damage to buildings and equipment.

Thus the supplier should carry out an annual maintenance and faults, which can not be solved with the local technicians (TZ), are promptly remedied by the company.

Aquaneering (USA): Provides such a service, but there is no branch office in Germany.

They have a branch office, but information from users has aroused serious concerns about the services and the employees employed with regard to frog keeping systems.

Aqua Schwarz GmbH: the maintenance is carried out reliably and in the case of queries, problems and emergencies a quick remedy follows.

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