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Plumbing and sanitary works

  Ludvika Sweden — Ludvika kommun genom gemensam nämnd för upphandling
Published July 7, 2015 — Deadline August 14, 2015 (3 years ago)
Notice type
Contract notice
The contract relates to a framework agreement for Skilled services in Hedemora municipality for the following disciplines: - Electricity, telecommunications and data - Flooring - VS works. The estimated purchase volume: Omfattningens size can not currently be determined and the contractor can not be credited with any amount. FYI, the Customer during 2014 commissioned works for about: - electricity, telecom, computer installations around 3.7 million SEK, - Floor approximately 1.6 million SEK, - Plumbing work about three million SEK. The contract is implemented with a transparent procedure. 3 contractors per discipline in the ranking will be adopted. Hedemora municipality and affiliated companies reserve the right to go out with separate procurements of contracts in which the disciplines included in the project with an estimated value of 500 000 SEK. Hedemora municipality and affiliated company also reserves the right to self-purchase, and provide the materials when possible. Agreements signed by the Procurement Center. Suborders are hedemora municipality, AB ...

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