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Digital X-ray devices

  Osijek Croatia — Osječko-baranjska županija
Published January 21, 2014
Notice type
Award notice
Shimadzu d.o.o.16214531266Zavrtnica 17Zagreb 10000 shimadzu@shimadzu.hr +385 16185777
Dismantling and disposal of existing X-ray equipment, delivery, setup, installation and commissioning of full operation of new digital X-ray devices for Health Beli Manastir, Health Ðakovo, Osijek Health Center and Health Valpovo. The bidder is obliged to dismantle the existing X-ray equipment at the above health centers and dispatch the same and disposed of in accordance with applicable regulations. After dismantling, the selected bidder shall prepare terms of reference for customizing the installation of connections and the space under the terms assembly tendered X-ray machine to full function. Based on the terms of reference made health centers will be at his own expense to perform any necessary building and electrical work on the adaptation of space and provide adequate (voltage, power, resistance network) power connector. After the works selected bidder is obliged to immediately access the setup and installation of new devices to full function. The bidder is obliged after putting the device into a full function clients deliver technical documentation for handling X-ray unit in the Croatian language and overall attest documentation. After the above mentioned steps, the bidder is required to educate staff health institutions / user to operate the device.

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