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Technical analysis or consultancy services

  Luxembourg Luxembourg — Centre des technologies de l'information de l'État
Published July 4, 2015
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Award notice
Association IBM/KPMG
The administration of direct taxes (CDA) currently uses a central application complemented by a host of additional applications for the assessment and collection of direct taxes, the management of a number of laws and regulations in non-tax and State accounting management regarding the revenue for which the ACD is competent. The center of the state's information technology (CTIE) is responsible for the technical management of application requirements of the ACD. Application requirements CDA have evolved considerably in recent years. The central application must therefore not only be transcribed in new technology but also be adapted to current needs as identified in a recent study, and complemented by the features currently covered by desktop solutions "temporary". The call for applications concerning this functional analysis based on the study of existing needs and the definition of architecture, writing a specification for the production, assistance in opening of bids future market design and implementation and support by following this second market.

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