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Medical specialist services

  Munich Germany — AOK Bayern – Die Gesundheitskasse
Published May 16, 2015 — Deadline December 31, 2020 (in 2 years)
Notice type
Contract notice
A submission to award legal regulations is not connected to use this form. The AOK Bavaria intends with all interested specialists for ENT or medical specialists for pediatric surgery nonexclusive "contracts for special outpatient surgical care in accordance with § 73c SGB V tonsillotomy" to close. To meet this demand, we agree as AOK Bayern continually medical care for our policyholders to improve and facilitate access to new treatments. The aim is, in Bavaria offer a standardized high-quality care coverage for our insured. Also indications that represent a clear reason for exclusion are described in the treaty text. The following services are covered by the contract: - Tonsillectomy - Tonsillectomy combined with adenoidectomy - tonsillotomy combined with adenoidectomy and tympanic paracentesis with drainage (single-sided) - (both sides) tonsillotomy combined with adenoidectomy and tympanic paracentesis with drainage The photo documentation remains in the doctor's office and is the AOK Bavaria submitted upon request. Details are provided in the contract. Once the AOK Bayern has confirmed the insured in writing that he takes part in the contract, the insured person can be treated. The medical care provider has to meet personal, structural and instrumental conditions and quality requirements, which are described separately in the contract. A parallel private medical settlement of contractual services is excluded. A contract shall be concluded with all interested specialists for ENT or medical specialists for pediatric surgery, the evidence of their suitability as follows: Specialist for ear, nose and throat medicine or specialist for pediatric surgery with approval / authorization, medical care center (MVZ) with approval / authorization or a such specialist or MVZ Staff Specialist in private practice: evidence by submitting the notification of admission / authorization in copy (with salaried doctors by presentation of the decision on the approval / authorization of the general practitioner / MVZ) and a signed self-declaration (self declaration 1) , Authorization for the provision of outpatient operations under § 115b SGB V evidence by submitting the notification (copy) of the Bavarian Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians. Fulfill the training requirement in accordance with § 95d SGB V proof by submitting a signed self-declaration (Eigenerklärung 2). Satisfy the academic structure quality in the form of a stand-alone provision of at least 50 Tonsillotomien and 250 tonsillectomies proof by submitting a signed self-declaration (Eigenerklärung 3) personal conduct AOK Bayern reserves the right to randomly request the surgical reports and anesthesia journals. 2 OStrV (Occupational Safety Regulation to artificial optical radiation) by a proof of attending a course (copy of the certificate of attendance) at the German Society for Laser Medicine eV (DGLM) or at the German Dermatological Society (DDL). Carrying out the treatment only with laser, radiofrequency device or Coblationsgerät proof by submitting a copy of the final maintenance certificate, not older than 12 months at the time of receipt of the documents with the AOK Bavaria (copy of the sales contract is sufficient, provided that the equipment is not older than 12 months ) and a signed self-declaration stating manufacturer and type of device used (Eigenerklärung 4). Presence of IK number for billing proof by submitting a signed self-declaration (self declaration 5) that already IK as a service provider is missing or has been applied for on the ARGE-IK. The specialist for ENT or Specialist in Pediatric Surgery has to be requested at the below mentioned contact point completed and signed contract and the annexes in 4x version in the original as well as the aforementioned Eignungsnachweise in 2-fold version be sent to the following address: AOK Bayern - Die Gesundheitskasse Vergabestelle Open House tonsillotomy 28 81739 München. Upon receipt of complete and accurate documentation to the 10th of each month of the start of the contract is carried out for the following next month first, otherwise the following month after next First. The agreement, and the self-declarations can be requested from the following contact point: AOK Bayern - Die Gesundheitskasse Vergabestelle open house tonsillotomy 28 81739 München Fax: 089/62730650151 Email: vergabestelle1@by.aok.de

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