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IT services: consulting, software development, Internet and support

  Copenhagen Denmark — Digitaliseringsstyrelsen
Published October 17, 2017
Notice type
Prior notice
Reference is made to the tender documents for a detailed description of the solution and services.

As part of the solution, administrative interfaces are established and displayed, as well as a portal to support registration and support for end-users and a self-service portal for end-users (supportive functionality).

The supplier must work closely with the customer in relation to development and operation and will also collaborate on a number of services with the following actors:

- Brokers: companies or authorities that provide access to the solution, for example, the public NemLog-In and a number of data centers.

- RA entities: registration authorities, private companies and public authorities designated for either end-user registration or end-user registration and support.

- Support organizations: FOS and bank brokers who have direct support from the supplier in relation to providing assistance to end users.

In relation to Brokere, the Supplier shall provide an independent third party's services to Customer for Brokers certification, and the Supplier shall continuously support and ensure the process so that the Brokers and Supplier's own components always meet the certification requirements.

The solution must be able to be used by all authorities / public bodies without tender, as the establishment of a national eID by a law removes public procurement obligations through a nationally binding solution.

Main services:

Development and establishment of authentication, identification and registration of physical persons with associated supportive functionality and credentials, where development and establishment must be in compliance with a detailed schedule with many addictions.

Operation, maintenance, including ongoing updates / changes, management and further development of an available solution subject to regulatory and security requirements, complex compliance-related rules, and related business processes.

Support, in the form of supportive support and support tools for those players (FOS, RA Devices, Brokers) that provide end-user support, and understood as technical support during the development phase of the operators who will establish interfaces for the solution.

Complex process and project management with players who rely on joining the solution through a certification process.

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