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Construction work for water projects

  Gliwice Poland — Regionalny Zarząd Gospodarki Wodnej w Gliwicach
Published August 18, 2015 — Deadline September 24, 2015 (4 years ago)
Notice type
Contract notice
The subject of the contract is works Mon .: Arrangement of water tanks Przeczyce team, kuźnica warężyńska and Pogoria and modernization of flood valley Przemsza province. Silesian - Stage I - Tank Przeczyce - Action II: including: 1) repair the screen front dam by: filling of caverns beneath the screen using low pressure injection - repair the surface of selected plates, seal cracks, repair of expansion joints, repairing the base of the sill, 2) repair the slope odpowietrznej 3) repair of tower closures drain bottom, 4) repair of cables drain bottom, 5) renovation of the basin entrance point drain bottom, 6) renovation transfer surface, repair of Fig joints wells drainage and clearing the drain overflow, 7) repair of elements of technological equipment discounts groundfish, 8 ) lighting repair the dam crest. Robots are designed to improve the technical condition of the water reservoir dam Przeczyce which is building the second class the validity of which shall comprise the following works: - part hydrotechniczno-construction dam - a dam mechanical part - part electric dam. Part hydrotechniczno-building: 1) screen front dam filling of caverns beneath the screen using low pressure injection technology prepares the project contractor. 2) repair the surface of selected records - 68 discks top of the screen is provided for reprofiling concrete assembly antispasmodic reinforcing mesh Ø 6 - on the surface of 396 m ", 3) the repair of expansion joints - repair expansion joints between the panels of the screen - 3776.0 mb. Chipped (loosening) corroded concrete, lead only hydrodynamic. Renovated subject to the 3 flights of stairs business. 6) The closure trigger tower bottom - scope of work includes: - repair of local defects in concrete tower through reprofiling and retrofitted on an area of ​​1 262.05 square meters - sealing cracks via injection pressure - 10 mb - making non-profile surface mineral coatings 535 m² 7) repair drain wires bottom - by: - ​​strengthening of soil beneath the drain wires by injection "jet grouting" - 318 pieces of columns with a range of 5.0 m, - extension of the road along the wires filtration drain by creating three "ribs" by injecting pressurized cement grout, made through walls and a ceiling of 45 holes with a depth of 1.0 m (leaven of cement finely minced - 100 kg / hole), - repair of local defects of concrete through the reprofiling of retrofitting on an area of ​​1 585 square meters - the repair of expansion joints, including the treatment 377.6 m² and sealing polypropylene shaft to a length of 3 776 m, - blasting - abrasive concrete surface 1 585 m² - reprofiling of concrete 1 585 m² - protection of non-profile surface drain wires through hydropiaskowanie and cover with a thin layer on the surface repair mortar 158.5 m² 105.0 m, 8) trough point drain bottom, harassment, pillars - by - repairing a corroded and damaged concrete surfaces after cleaning the blasting abrasive surface of the concrete surface of 480 square meters (detail A and B), - hand reprofiling defects in concrete structures on the surface of 360 sq meters ( detail C and D), 9) renovation transfer surface - by: - ​​the repair of concrete surface by forging blasting wet reinforced concrete on the surface 3 267.95 sq meters - hand reprofiling defects in concrete structures on the surface of 3307.95 sq meters - installation of reinforcement of 8 mm -betony transfer (ribbed) 2 607 kg - reprofiling defects in concrete and reinforced concrete by spraying wet cement-polymer 3 594.745 m² 10) repair of cracks, joints, drainage wells and streamlining the transfer of surface drainage through: - Treatment dilatation with the removal of materials - 59.17 sq meters - fill in the gaps foamed polystyrene boards with a thickness of 15 mm - 29.585 m² - filling gaps polypropylene shaft diameter of 1.5 cm with grouting 591.7 m - Repair feature using pressure injection of 60.0 m - repair of 6-five wells drainage along with the implementation of reinforced lid. The mechanical part Firewall 1) repair of process equipment components discounts bottom - includes: - repair (execution) closures repair structures with uszczelnieniami- 4.0 t - made gratings with anti-corrosive 2.4 tonnes. Part of electric dam 1) modernization of external lighting dam , power supply and lighting control dam, lightning protection, protection against electric shock - includes: - replacement of lighting columns with lamps on the crown of the dam, 19 pcs.,

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