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Rock-dump around the 4 piers for Little Belt Bridge of 1935

  Copenhagen Denmark — Banedanmark
Published December 24, 2013 — Deadline January 24, 2014 (5 years ago)
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Contract notice
The geotechnical stability of the four offshore piers of the Little Belt Bridge of 1935 has to be improved. The strengthening of the piers is to be carried out by dumping rocks round the piers. The strengthening project is yet to be planned in detail, however preliminary analyses suggest that approximately 125,000 m³ of rocks are to be dumped around the four main piers of the bridge in embankments of up to 7 m thickness. The dumping of rocks must follow a schedule which will be specified in the tender documents. In this schedule it will be specified which rock sizes should be used (which may vary over depth), limitations of maximal layer thicknesses dumped at the same time, rock dump sequence and dumping tolerances. The rocks are to be dumped on water depths of approximately 30 m and the strong currents (up to 2 m/s over the entire water depth) in Little Belt should be taken into account when the dumping vessel(s) are chosen. The size of the rocks will be between 20 cm and 100 cm. The tolerance of the final surface shall be between ± 20 cm in vertical direction. It is of paramount importance that the piers of the Little Belt Bridge are not subjected to impacts from the dumping vessel(s), even though rocks most likely are to be dumped right next to the piers. It will be required that the contractor delivers documentation to verify that the rock dumps are installed as specified in the tender documents. The strengthening project is to be initiated and finished as soon as possible and no later than 1 October 2014(latest finished date).

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