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Integrated engineering services

  Friedberg Germany — Landesbetrieb Bau und Immobilien Hessen, Niederlassung Mitte Zentrale Vergabe
Published May 17, 2017 — Deadline June 12, 2017 (2 years ago)
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Contract notice

Planning and construction of a process engineering system; Procurement of fittings, containers and components; Creation of documentation for a process plant.

The purpose of the tender is to expand an existing fluidized-bed test facility for the atmospheric solidification of solid fuels at the TU Darmstadt, Institute for Energy Systems and Energy Technology, in the BMWi-funded Fabiene project (promotion code 03ET7048A).

This plant is to include the process steps of hot gas filtration, raw gas scrubbing, raw gas compression to 6 bar, CO shift, hydrolysis, benzene wash based on biodiesel with regeneration, MGA-based acid gas scrubbing with regeneration and syngas high pressure compression to 40 bar.

The assumed composition is as follows:

H2 25.01 mol%

CO 23.17 mol%

CO2 27.56 mol%

CH4 0.49 mol%

N2 0.13 mol%

Ar 0.003 mol%

H2O 23.27 mol%

H2S 1480 ppmv

COS 160 ppmv

HCN 140 ppmv

NH3 1260 ppmv

HCl 80 ppmv

Benzene 480 ppmv

Naphthalene 50 ppmv

The desired composition after gas conditioning, based on proposal planning, is as follows:

H2 63.18 mol%

CO 29.33 mol%

CO2 2.17 mol%

CH4 1.72 mol%

H2O 0.07 mol%

N2 2.66 mol%

Ar 0.88 mol%

Deviations of less than 20% and less 3% -points for the individual species are acceptable.

The maximum permissible impurities are as follows:

C2-C4 0.0001 mol%

H2S 10 ppmv

COS 10 ppmv

HCN 10 ppmv

NH3 10 ppmv

Benzene & naphthalene 7.0 ppmv

CH 3 OH 0.00 ppmv

SO2 0.00 ppmv

HCl 0.00 ppmv

In addition, the provision of utilities (cooling water, process steam, etc.) is part of the planning task.

The foundation is on a reinforced concrete floor slab, which is not part of the tender.

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