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  Offenbach Germany — SOH Stadtwerke Offenbach Holding GmbH
Published September 3, 2015
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Award notice
CDM Smith Consult GmbH
Engineering services for expert opinions and planning monitoring of groundwater remediation by pump-and-treat for purifying substantially BETX, MKW, PAH, MTBE and arsenic from groundwater for the years 2015 to 2018 with the extension for another 2 years option. This find, depending on the situation in the area once a year to monthly instead. Specifically, the following achievements have been awarded: - familiarization with the GW-situation in Port Offenbach; Historical development, earlier action, up to current remediation and securing of the site, - creating tender documents to tender the operation of the groundwater treatment plants GWSA 1 and 2 for the term of three years and support of the client in the award, - creating tender documents to tender from Sampling and analysis services to be performed as part of the remediation external monitoring and the monitoring, support of the client in the award, - Fachgutachterliche accompanied by the restoration operation at 36 months of operation (che-mixing / analytical and hydraulic control, plant optimization, documentation of activities in annual reports ), option of extension for another 2 years, - Fachgutachterliche accompaniment of groundwater monitoring in the redevelopment area of ​​groundwater remediation systems GWSA 1 and 2 and in the other requiring monitoring areas (chemical / analytical and hydraulic monitoring, derive optimization measures, documentation in annual reports), - assisting the client in coordination with action interferers over Kostentragungen and restoration concepts - Hydraulic balancing and optimization of groundwater remediation progresses intensive structural development of the port

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