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  Kristiansand Norway — Kristiansand kommune på vegne av Knutepunkt Sørlandet — Innkjøp
Published September 22, 2017 — Deadline October 20, 2017 (9 months ago)
Notice type
Contract notice

The contracting authority would like tenders for the provision of consultancy services within organisation development.

The contracting authority would like support for processes so as to organise work in an optimum way. Assistance with value, culture and vision development. Assistance with target processes that involve employees to a large degree. This also includes assistance with concrete projects or parts of projects in the form of project manager, project coordinator or advisor. The description is not exhaustive.

The Establishment of New Kristiansand project is exempted from the procurement.

The contracting authority has competence for parts of the requested area and where we have the capacity, we will carry out these assignments ourselves. The Management Education Programme and Company Health Services are not included in this contract. Free assistance from insurance companies is also not included.

Assignments that have already been ordered or started, will be delivered and completed by the supplier in question independently of the tender.

The contracting authority is working to build up internal competence in order to contribute in the best possible way to the practical implementation of the processes. In order to strengthen the competence in the municipalities those who shall work on such processes would like, in individual cases to run the processes in cooperation with the tenderer's consultants. This shall ensure that we solve the assignments in the optimum way, at the same time that the municipalities can build up internal competence through the practical implementation of processes together with experienced consultants.

See the details on the award criteria in annex 3 for further information.

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