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Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services

  Oulu Finland — Oulun seudun koulutuskuntayhtymä
Published February 6, 2015 — Deadline March 17, 2015 (4 years ago)
Notice type
Contract notice
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Joint_authorities, Education
The objective is to form co. Design and Construction Procurement (348/2007) 31 §: n accordance with a framework agreement with several operators, and covering a wide Subscriber's supply needs and provides a functional service concept for the use of the subscriber. Of the target locations are mainly in Oulu and Oulu in the immediate area as follows: Haukipudas Asemakyläntie Haukipudas Ammattitie (dormitory) Ghaziabad Helpikuja Ghaziabad Niittyrannantie Ghaziabad Piriläntie Liminka Iivari Path Muhos Kirkkotie Muhos Matokorventie barn Oulu Albertinkuja Oulu Isokatu 1 Oulu Kiviharjuntie 8 Oulu Kotkantie 1 Oulu Kotkantie 2 Oulu Forest Koulutie Oulu Pikisaarentie 13 and 15 of Oulu Teuvo Pakkala street 19 Oulu Vallin shore training room for rent in Osekkin (Pudasjärvi, Taivalkoski, Torikatu, Pikisaari). The subscriber of the Oulu University of Education in the real estate services and can be used in addition to a framework agreement of Oulu Region Educational / Oulu Vocational College units and Oulu Polytechnic. Allow for partial target group 1-9: The contract is divided into sections so that each of the below-mentioned service 1-9 is a target group: Architectural design (including interior design) Structural and geosuunnittelu HVAC design Electrical design AV design project development and project management consultancy Yard, Transport and the green area of ​​the design of real estate fitness and indoor air studies Elinkaarisuunnittelu- and consulting services. Tenders may be submitted for one or more sub-areas. This is a framework agreement, which is described in more detail later in this Notice and its attachments. The acquisition of content and requirements are described in more detail later in the invitation to tender. Procurement decision shall be notified to all tenderers electronically tender the tenderer to inform the e-mail address. A direct link to the alert information can be found here Hilma notification. https://tarjouspalvelu.fi/osekk/?id=18396&tpk=e1bbf397-4306-470a-9fae-2bcf53413a76

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