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S--Television Svcs

  West Kingsbridge Road Bronx, NY United States — Department of Veterans Affairs, Bronx VAMC (NAL)
Published September 12, 2015 — Deadline September 21, 2015 (3 years ago)
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Prior notice
STATEMENT OF WORK Cable Television Programming Services Veterans Affairs New Jersey Healthcare System (East Orange, NJ) 12 September 2015 1. The purpose of this service agreement is to provide cable television service to the NJHCS East Orange VA Medical Center, 385 Tremont Avenue, East Orange, NJ, 07018. Period of performance 10/1/2015 - 9/30/2016 to include four (4) twelve (12) month option periods. 2. Service provider (contractor) shall provide and maintain all contractor-owned cables, wires, conduits, vaults, equipment and appurtenant devices (the "System") necessary to make cable TV "service" available to the medical center on a 24 hours-per-day, 7 days-per-week basis. 3. The cable service shall be capable of providing to each Patient Television user via a standard cable jack: a. Analog (FTP) Television programming (covered under this contract) b. High Definition (HD) Television Programming (covered under this contract) 4. FTP Television service shall not require the use of "Cable Boxes" for each television. 5. Service provider (contractor) equipment shall be responsible ultimately for the cable signals to reach designated "E" closet-mounted distribution boxes (to be installed and furnished by Service Provider) located throughout the facility, and in the absence of "E" Closets, to other designated locations such as building basement areas and tunnels where Service Provider distribution boxes may be mounted. Cabling from the "E" Closets to patient TVs is normally provided by the medical center, much of it pre-existing. Any new cable runs installed by the medical center shall adhere to Service Provider's specifications. The Service Provider shall connect VA- provided patient "home-run" cables in the distribution boxes so that each bed outlet becomes active. 6. Buildings designated to receive TV service include: Buildings 1, 5, 8 15, 16, 17 and 18. 7. The Service Provider shall also furnish a means for the medical center to inject its own educational programming onto an unused channel for distribution to all patient televisions and services to supply channel for contracted "MEDCALM" programming via the service provider's System within the medical center. The location where educational channel is to be injected will be in Building 1, 3rd Floor. Cable TV channel package shall include at a minimum the following, or an equivalent, as judged by the Medical Center: 88 SD and 24 HD Channels. *Indicates HD availability Medcalm Ch 3 Destination America * NBC Sports Network * CW - WPIX * Discovery Channel * NFL Network * MNT - WWOR * Discovery Life NHL Network * ABC - WABC * Disney Channel * Nick Jr. FOX - WNYW * Disney Jr. Nickelodeon * NBC - WNBC Disney XD * Once Mexico CBS - WCBS * E! Entertainment * Ovation TV PBS - WNET * ESPN * OWN PBS - WLIW * ESPN 2 * Oxygen ETV - WNYE* ESPN News * Piano Music UNI - WXTV * ESPN U * Pivot IND - WZME EWTN POP TMO - WNJU F/X * Pursuit Channel PBS - NJN Food Network * Reelzchannel IND - WLNY * FOX Business * RFD TV IND - WRNN FOX News * Science Channel * IND - WMBC Fox Sports 1 * Smooth Jazz Music IND - WNYJ Fox Sports 2* Spike * A&E * Fuse Sportsman Channel ABC Family * FX Movie Channel Syfy Channel * Al Jazerra FYI * TBN American Heroes Channel Galavision TBS * American Movie Classic * Game Show Network TCT Network Animal Planet * Golf * TeenNick Aqui H2 * Tennis Channel * Audience Network * Hallmark Channel * The Learning Channel * AXS (HD Only) Headline News * The Weather Channel * BBC America * HGTV * The Word Network BET * History Channel * TNT * Big Ten Network * HITN Travel Channel * Bloomberg Television * Independent Film Channel * TruTV * Bravo * Investigation Discovery * Turner Classic Movies * BYU TV ION Television * TV Land * Cartoon Network * Lifetime * TV ONE CBS Sports Network * Lifetime Movie Network * Univision * Chiller Link TV UP Christian Television Network LOGO USA Network * 8. All System equipment installed or supplied by the service provider shall remain their property and shall not be tampered with or modified in any way by the VA Medical Center. All System equipment furnished shall be of good quality, and shall be maintained during the term of this agreement in a careful and proper manner, conforming to all applicable codes, regulations and industry standards. 9. Installation work shall conform in every way to VA and Medical Center safety policy and regulations, particularly as they apply toward matters regulated by OSHA and the National Fire Protection Administration (NFPA), including the use of approved fire-stopping materials when firewalls are breached, for obtaining permits as required for firewall penetrations, for obtaining confined space permits for work below the ground surface or in other confined spaces, and for following all confined space policy, and for ensuring that cables do not impede fire alarm and sprinkler systems or utilize these system components for cable support. Any electrical work or equipment must conform to the National Electrical Code. 10. The Service Provider shall use their best effort to respond to all requests for repair of the System at the premises or to System outages within four (4) hours of the request. The provider shall only respond to trouble calls originating from the Electric Shop Supervisor during normal administrative hours, or from the Administrative Officer of the Day (AOD) during off-duty hours, weekends and Federal Holidays. 11. Repairs shall be at no cost to the VA, except for any damages to System equipment which results from negligence, abuse, accidents, mishaps that were created by VA staff, patients, contractors or visitors. Televisions are excluded from service, and any jacks or cabling installed by VA. Service provider shall not be liable for network problems outside of the medical center which are beyond their control. 12. The TV signals shall be of high quality and equal to the service standards being applied to the outside community. 13. VA shall provide Service Provider reasonable access to the premises as may be necessary to install, service, extend, remove, modify or maintain the System and otherwise perform its obligations under this agreement, and immediate access in the event of an emergency or system outage. Upon arrival during normal administrative hours, Monday through Friday, 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM, and prior to any commencement of maintenance work, the Electric Shop Supervisor (Office: 973-676-1000 Ext. 1581, Cell Phone: 908-413-3140) or designated alternate, shall be contacted. During off-duty tours, evenings, weekends and Federal holidays, the Service representative is to contact the Utility Operator at Extension 1601 or Pager 500 via the telephone operator. 14. The Service provider is reserved the rights to make channel lineup changes, however, if there are material changes in the composition or number of channel services provided, the VA may initiate discussions to renegotiate the monthly fees payable under this agreement. In the event that a mutually satisfactory agreement cannot be reached, the VA reserves the right to terminate this agreement upon six (6) months written notice. 15. VA will use reasonable care to ensure that its patients, guests and employees do not, copy, tape or record programs being provided, or tamper with, make alterations to, or remove from its point of installation, the wires, cables or equipment supplied, or in such a way that may permit the receipt of unauthorized services or to transmit services to an unauthorized outlet, which would constitute theft of services. 16. VA shall pay a monthly fee per TV outlet based on the distribution of the Service to all non-private-account TV outlets, with TVs connected to them, throughout the premises. Owner represents and warrants that as of the date of commencement of this agreement, there are (110) active TV outlets at the premises. VA will notify the Service Provider within 10 days of the development of any additions or deletions of active TV outlets so that the amount of payment may be adjusted accordingly. 17. Bill will be paid on a 12 month billing cycle over the term of the agreement. Provider may increase the per unit rate to reflect all incremental programming rate increases upon 30 days written notice. Customer maintains right to replace any channel that incurs a programming increase with a channel of equal or lesser cost, upon which the programming rate will be adjusted accordingly. 18. VA agrees not to itemize charges for TV service on any patient's bill at the premises.

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Department of Veterans Affairs
Bronx VAMC (NAL)
Department of Veterans Affairs
Department of Veterans Affairs;James J. Peters VA Medical Center;Network Contracting Office 3 (10N3NCO);130 West Kingsbridge Road;Bronx NY 10468-3904
S--Television Svcs
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