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  Texarkana, TX United States — Department of the Army, Army Contracting Command
Published January 7, 2016 — Deadline January 18, 2016 (3 years ago)
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Purchase Description Overhead Bridge/Hoist Crane System Rubber Products Division Red River Army Depot 1. General: This purchase description is for the purchase and installation of one free-standing overhead bridge/hoist crane system in Rubber Products Division, Building 493; Red River Army Depot. 2. Purpose: There is a requirement for an overhead bridge/hoist crane system that is capable of handling tire/wheel assemblies onto and off of tire assembly machines throughout the tire assembly process. Crane system shall consist of three bridge cranes; 2 ea. 1000lb. and 1 ea. 4000 lb. cranes. Bridge system shall be 18 ft., max. height, 22 ft. max width, and run along 100 ft. runway divided into 20' spans. This system shall be located at the South end of Building 493. 3. Specifications: The required equipment and or components, their quantities and part numbers are listed as follows: a. Two (2) each 1000 lb. bridge system b. One (1) each 4000 lb. bridge system c. Two (2) each 1000 lb. pneumatic chain hoist d. One (1) each 4000 lb. pneumatic chain hoist e. Necessary rail supporting legs for 100 ft. run of bridge system f. Necessary rail for 100 ft. bridge support g. Necessary pneumatic lines to run from bldg. air system 4. Installation: a. Bridge System: Complete turn-key installation of the Bridge systems and Hoists described by this Purchase Description by the vendor is required. Upon completion of the installation, the system shall be fully functional and meet all of the requirements specified by this Purchase Description. Different load bridge systems shall be located in such that the 4000 lb. bridge and hoist shall be located at the North end of the bridge system and the two 1000 lb. load systems shall be located on the South side of the 4000 lb. system. b. Tools and Equipment: All hand or power tools, equipment such as forklifts, man lifts, ladders, and scaffolding required to install the bridge systems and hoist are the responsibility of the vendor and will not be supplied by the government. c. Compressed air supply: Compressed air supply required to make the hoist functional will be the responsibility of the government up to the point of the bridge crane structure. Compressed air hoses, festooning, and securing the airlines to the bridge structure will be the responsibility of the vendor. 5. Warranty - One year minimum warranty required or the Manufacturer's standard Warranty if greater. 6. Parts Catalogs, Installation, Maintenance and Operating Instructions - The successful Contractor shall provide, as a minimum, two (2) copies of complete maintenance and operating instructions and parts for the equipment supplied under this purchase description. All documentation will be submitted in PDF format on CD or DVD along with two (2) hardcopies. 7. Quality Assurance Provision: a. Examination - The furnished equipment shall be examined for compliance with the requirements specified in section 3 of this purchase description. Any redesign or modification of the Contractor's standard product to comply with the specified requirements shall receive particular attention for adequacy and suitability and must be communicated to the Government with the specific changes in the bid. Noncompliance with any specified requirements or presence of one or more defects preventing or lessening maximum efficiency shall constitute cause for rejection. b. Responsibility for Inspection - The Contractor shall be responsible for the performance of all inspection requirements to provide a mechanically sound unit which will meet or exceed the requirements of section 3. The Government reserves the right to perform inspections which are deemed necessary to assure supplies and services conform to prescribed requirements. c. Safety and Health Requirements - The bridge crane(s) shall be fitted with safety devices or coverings for any parts that present safety hazards. All equipment furnished under this purchase description shall comply with applicable OSHA 1910 and NFPA 70 standards. The bridge crane(s) shall include provisions to isolate and lock out all sources of hazardous energy, either input to the machine or generated by the machine, to ensure safety of operation and maintenance personnel. Electrical lockout devices shall conform to the requirements of NFPA 79. Lockout devices for electrical or any other type of hazardous energy shall be designed to allow full operational compliance with the requirements of OSHA Standard 29 CFR. All system and operation standards shall comply with OSHA standards on Human Factors Engineering (Ergonomics). d. Lockout / Tagout (LOTO) Requirements - Equipment Contractor shall furnish a graphical, machine-specific LOTO procedure that clearly and specifically describes the steps necessary to establish a zero-energy state for the equipment in accordance with the requirements of OSHA Regulation CFR 1910.147. This procedure shall be printed on a durable material suitable for posting on the equipment. All LOTO locations on the equipment shall be clearly identified with a durable label keyed to the LOTO procedure. Contractor shall furnish the procedure in an electronic format so the information can easily be transferred into a maintenance management data system. e. Total Preventive Maintenance (TPM) Requirements - Equipment Contractor shall furnish a Maintenance and Operations manual that contains a list of preventive maintenance tasks required to keep the equipment operating at peak efficiency. The tasks shall be listed by frequency. Each service point identified in the maintenance task list shall be clearly labeled to permit easy identification. Contractor shall furnish the preventive maintenance task list in an electronic format (Para 3.13) so the information can easily be transferred into a maintenance management data system. f. Packing and Shipping - The Contractor is responsible for shipment of all parts, materials and equipment supplied, to RRAD. The Contractor shall preserve and package the material supplied in a manner to afford protection against deterioration and damage from source to RRAD. The equipment shall be packed in a manner to assure carrier acceptance and safe delivery to destination, Red River Army Depot. Container shall conform to carrier rules applicable to mode of transportation used.

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Department of the Army
Army Contracting Command
SANDRA JEANLOUIS, Phone 9033344283, Email sandra.jeanlouis.mil@mail.mil
Purchase DescriptionOverhead Bridge/Hoist Crane SystemRubber Products DivisionRed River Army Depot
Total Small Business
Building 493; Red River Army Depot

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