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Construction Management Services

  W Oglethorpe Ave Savannah, GA United States — Department of the Army, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Published June 9, 2015 — Deadline July 9, 2015 (3 years ago)
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Contract notice
Indefinite Delivery Contract for Construction Management Services Technical Point of Contracts: Alan Barrow (912-652-5244 or alan.d.barrow@usace.army.mil); Ken Gray (912-652-5095 or kenneth.f.gray@usace.army.mil); Taylor Wimberly (912-652-5004 or taylor.wimberly@usace.army.mil). Questions concerning subcontracting plan: Leila Hollis at 912-652-5340 or email: leila.hollis@usace.army.mil; and Contractual Questions to: Andrew Page at 912-652-5900 or email: andrew.k.page@usace.army.mil; Questions concerning SF330; Cleveland Harding at 912-652-5556 or email: cleveland.i.harding@usace.army.mil. ***** 1. CONTRACT INFORMATION: The Savannah District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers requires the services of Architect-Engineer (A-E) firms for a minimum of one and a maximum of two, Indefinite Delivery Contracts (IDC) for Construction Management Services. These contracts are being procured in accordance with the Brooks A-E Act, as implemented in FAR Subpart 36.6. Firms will be selected for negotiations based on demonstrated competence for the required work. Offerors are cautioned to read this announcement in its entirety. The contracts awarded as a result of this announcement will be administered by the Savannah District for use on projects under its jurisdiction and, if requested, for other Corps of Engineers Districts. Contracts may be issued up to one year after selection approval. Typically, the contracts will consist of a 3 year base with a 2 year option period for a total of five years maximum. The total amount of each contract over the five-year ordering period may not exceed $15,000,000. Task Orders will be primarily for Construction Management Services. These task orders are firm fixed price. Projects to be assigned are not yet determined and funds are not presently available. Assignment of individual task orders to the contracts with identical scopes of work will be based on the following factors: (1) Performance and quality of deliverables under the current IDC, (2) Current capacity of the firm to accomplish the task order in the required time, and (3) Equitable distribution of work among identical contracts. The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) is 541330 with a size standard of $15 million. This announcement is open to all businesses regardless of size. Small businesses are encouraged to team with other businesses. The firm must be capable of responding to and working on multiple task orders concurrently. Large business firms that intend to do any subcontracting must convey their intent to meet the minimum small business goals on the SF 330, Section C, by identifying subcontracting opportunities with small business. If selected, the large business offeror will be required to submit a Small Business Subcontracting Plan in accordance with FAR 17.704 and 52.219-9 and DFARS 219.704/705 as part of the Request for Proposal package. The subcontracting plan should be based on the recommendation for the District's Small Business Targets. The Savannah District subcontracting recommendations are: small business - 50%; small disadvantaged business - 17%; woman owned small business - 18%; HUBZone small business - 10%; services-disabled veteran owned small business - 4%; Written justification must be provided if the recommended small business goals cannot be met. The small business subcontracting plan will be evaluated in accordance with AFAR 19.7, Appendix DD. The plan is not required with this submittal, but will be required with the fee proposal of the firm selected for negotiations. To be eligible for contract award, a firm must be registered in the System for Award Management (SAM). Register via the SAM Internet at http://www.fsd.gov or by contacting the SAM Customer Service Desk at 1-866-606-8220. Notice Organizational Conflict of Interest. The work to be performed may create an actual or potential organizational conflict of interest on future acquisitions. Offerors should refer to FAR subpart 9.5 - ORGANIZATIONATIONAL AND CONSULTANT CONLICTS OF INTEREST. An organizational conflict of interest can arise when a contractor possesses an economic incentive that renders it unable, or potentially unable, to provide impartial assistance or advice; or an unfair competitive advantage in obtaining a contract as the result of access to nonpublic information about a competitor or procurement. When an organizational conflict of interest arises it can have serious implications for the contractor that can range from disclosure obligations to disqualification from an award. Accordingly, some restrictions on the future activities of the contractor and its subcontractors may be required. And, these restrictions may include prohibiting the contractor or its subcontractors from participating in a contract or a task order. A contractor which participates in preparing design drawings or documents for future construction contracts may be prohibited from providing CMS for that contract. However, in future procurements, the contractor or its subcontractors may request a determination of its ability to participate in a particular procurement from the Contracting Officer. Proposals submitted for procurements or services for which the contractor or its subcontractor is later determined to have an organizational conflict of interest shall be submitted at the risk of the contractor or its subcontractors. 2. PROJECT INFORMATION: Construction management services are required to support construction management activities for construction contracts at military installations throughout the Savannah District. These installations can include Ft Bragg, Ft Gordon, Ft Jackson, Ft Stewart, Ft Benning, Ft. Gillem, Moody AFB, Hunter AAF, Seymour Johnson AFB, Robins AFB, and other installations as required. Required services include a broad range of engineering and construction activities including (but not limited to) assistance and guidance to field offices, construction QA inspection and reporting, review of contract documents and shop drawings, review of NAS schedules and QC plans, and investigation and reporting of construction contractor claims. The firm selected will be required to provide personnel on site for 1 to 3 years. The maximum numbers of assignees are estimated to be 20 personnel simultaneously. No travel funds will be provided. Therefore, it is suggested that existing local staff or local hires be used to perform required services. 3. SELECTION CRITERIA: The selection criteria for this project are listed below in descending order of importance. Proposals will be evaluated on each of the criteria factors listed below. Each factor will be assigned a rating from outstanding to unsatisfactory, based on the risk to the government that the offeror will successfully perform the factor being evaluated. An overall consensus rating will be given to each submission. Award will be made to the firm determined to be most highly qualified. Factors listed below will be rated based on a relative weighting as follows: Significantly More Important - means that the factor is at least two times greater in value than another factor. More Important - means that the factor is greater in value than another factor but less than two times greater. Equal - means that the factor is of the same value or nearly the same as another factor. For this solicitation, Factor 1 (Specialized Experience and Technical Competence), and Factor 2 (Construction Management Placement Plan/Capacity) are weighted equally and each factor individually is more important than Factor 3 (Professional Qualifications), Factor 4 (Past Performance), Factor 5 (Knowledge of Locality), and Factor 6 (Geographic Proximity) and significantly more important than Factor 7 (Small Business Participation) and Factor 8 (Volume of Work). Professional Qualifications, Past Performance, Knowledge of Locality, and Geographic Proximity are weighted equally and each factor individually is more important than Small Business Participation and Volume of DOD Contract Awards. Small Business Participation and Volume of DOD Contract Awards are weighted equally and will only be used as "tie-breakers" among firms that are essentially technically equal. Information on each factor should be submitted FOR THE OFFICE AND/OR EMPLOYEE PERFORMING THE WORK IN RESPONSE TO THIS ANNOUNCEMENT. It is recognized that for firms with multiple offices, a project team may be formed from personnel from more than one office. If more than one office is represented, this must be stated clearly in the work management plan and the Selection Board will consider the performance risk associated with that team not being co-located and the geographical proximity to the supported projects. **** FACTOR 1 - SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE AND TECHNICAL COMPETENCE: Specialized experience and technical competence in hiring, managing, and supervising personnel (in descending order of importance within this category): a. Construction quality assurance inspections and reporting. b. Review of construction contract documents. c. Review of contractor submittals including shop drawings. d. Review of contractor's initial NAS schedule. e. Assist in training Government personnel for analysis/evaluation of schedule updates. f. Review of contractor's quality control and accident prevention plans. g. Perform investigation and evaluation and prepare report of findings for construction contractor claims including detailed analysis of contractor schedule, for claims including time extensions. ****FACTOR 2 - CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT PLACEMENT PLAN/CAPACITY: Experience providing required personnel based on an evaluation of the firm's Construction Management Placement Plan (CMPP). The CMPP shall be presented in Section H and should include an organization chart of existing personnel and their locations. It should address management approach and specific procedures for hiring and providing highly qualified local personnel to be on site within the geographic proximity of the Savannah District military facility locations. These include Savannah, GA; Atlanta, GA; Augusta, GA; Warner Robins, GA; Valdosta, GA; Columbia, SC; Fayetteville, NC; Southport, NC; and Goldsboro, NC. The plan shall address the firm's capacity to provide staff for a period of 1 to 3 years to accomplish multiple simultaneous task orders to include approximately $1,000,000 of work of the required type in a one year period. The evaluation will consider the experience of the firm and consultants in similar contracts, and the availability of an adequate number of personnel in key disciplines. Key disciplines in descending order of importance are civil, mechanical, electrical, scheduling, claims, structural, cost, environmental, and architecture. ****FACTOR 3 - KEY PERSONNEL: All key management personnel shall be shown on the organizational chart in Section D of SF 330. Resumes shall be provided for these key management personnel in Section E of SF 330. Resumes will address all professional qualifications of key management personnel. ****FACTOR 4 - PAST PERFORMANCE: Past performance on DOD and other contracts with respect to quality of work, compliance with performance schedules and cost control. Indication of favorable performance ratings, awards, and repeat clientele in Section H of SF 330 is recommended. Past performance will be based on ACASS ratings and other data presented by the offeror or as determined by the Government. The evaluation of this factor will be based on the past performance information from the previous five years. ****FACTOR 5 - KNOWLEDGE OF LOCALITY: Knowledge of localities listed above as it pertains to the knowledge and experience of local and regional building codes, climatic conditions, construction industry methods, acceptable workmanship standards, and costs of construction material, labor, and equipment. ****FACTOR 6 - GEOGRAPHIC PROXIMITY: Proximity of main or branch offices to Ft Bragg, Ft Gordon, Ft Jackson, Ft Stewart, Ft Benning, Ft McPherson, Moody AFB, Hunter AAF, Seymour Johnson AFB, Robins AFB, Sunny Point Military Ocean Terminal. ****FACTOR 7 - SMALL BUSINESS PARTICIPATION: Degree of participation of all types' small business as prime contractor, subcontractor, or joint venture partner. ALL OFFERORS (except small businesses) who plan to subcontract portions of the work are required to provide a narrative discussion of their plan for utilization of small and small disadvantaged businesses. As a minimum, the narrative shall discuss: a. Goals for subcontracting acting with small and small disadvantaged businesses in sufficient detail to allow government evaluators to determine that these goals are realistic, justifiable, positive, and in accordance with the government's policy to maximize opportunities for these types of businesses. b. The extent to which small disadvantaged businesses, and where appropriate, historically black colleges and universities/ minority institution s (HBCU/ MI) have been identified for participation as part of the offeror's team. c. The offeror's past and present commitment to providing subcontracting opportunities and encouragement to small and small disadvantaged businesses. ****FACTOR 8: VOLUME OF WORK: Volume of DoD contract awards in the last 12 months. ****TELEPHONIC INTERVIEW. Those firms achieving the selection list will be given a telephonic interview, the results of which will be factored into the firms overall rating. The following questions will be provided for the short listed firms to provide a written and telephonic response: **Discuss three (3) important lessons learned from your example projects on your SF330 Part I that would be applicable to this contract. **Discuss your quality control procedures that ensure the proper coordination of disciplines and the development of the best design solution the first time. **Describe your firm's approach for involving the facility users, Public Works, USACE, etc. in the design process. **** 4. SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS - Interested firms having capabilities to perform this work must submit 11 hard copies of the SF330 along with a CD of the SF330. The entire submission of the SF330 must not exceed 5 Megabytes and shall be submitted as one file using Microsoft Word (.doc) or Adobe Acrobat (.pdf). Part I of the SF330 should not exceed 50 pages, including 15 pages for Section H. Font size shall be 10 or larger. Resumes in Section E and example projects in Section F shall not exceed one page each. Please not that an Indefinite Delivery Contract (IDC) will not be considered a single project for SF330 Section F Example Projects. Indicate in Section C.11 if the prime has worked with the team members in the past five years. Section G.26, include the firm each of the key personnel is associated. FIRMS MUST INCLUDE THE DUNS NUMBER FOR THE OFFICE PERFORMING THE WORK IN SECTION B.5 OF THE SF330. Cover letters and extraneous materials (brochures, etc.) will not be considered. Submissions are to be received in this office by 9 July 2015. Any submissions received after the exact time specified for receipt is considered late and will be processed in accordance with FAR 15.208 Submission, Modification, Revision, and Withdrawal of Proposals. Any questions concerning submissions should be directed to Andrew Page at (912) 652-5900. No hand carried submissions will be accepted. All submissions must be addressed to: DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY SAVANNAH DISTRICT, CORPS OF ENGINEERS CESAS-EN-E, Ms Adrienne Chambers 100 W. OGLETHORPE AVENUE SAVANNAH, GA 31401-3640 ****PERSONAL VISITS for the purpose of DISCUSSING this announcement WILL NOT BE SCHEDULED. THIS is NOT a REQUEST for a PROPOSAL.

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Department of the Army
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
USACE District, Savannah
Construction Management Services
Andrew K. Page, Contract Specialist, Phone 912-652-5900, Email andrew.k.page@usace.army.mil - Sabrina Bastine, Contract Specialist, Phone 912 652-5943, Fax 912 652-6061, Email sabrina.bastine@usace.army.mil
Indefinite Delivery Contract for Construction Management Services

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