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Tire, Pneumatic Vehicular

  Columbus, OH United States — Defense Logistics Agency, DLA Acquisition Locations
Published November 10, 2014 — Deadline November 25, 2014 (5 years ago)
Notice type
Prior notice
This solicitation is being issued under the authority of FAR Parts 13 and 6.102(b) and contemplates award of contracts for items of supply that are fully competitive. The Government will award an Indefinite Delivery Purchase Order (IDPO) Contract resulting from the solicitation to the responsible offeror whose offer conforming to the solicitation will be most advantageous to the Government, price and/or other factors specified elsewhere in this solicitation considered. The solicitation will be issued as a firm-fixed-price IDPO contract for the supplies listed in the Schedule for a term from award date until the aggregate total of the orders placed against the contract reaches $150,000. DLA Internet Bid Board Systems (DIBBS) quotations are not acceptable for this solicitation. Offerors must complete the entire solicitation. Quotes must be submitted on hard copy of this Request for Quote (RFQ), and either faxed to 614-693-1577, to the attention of Cerita Sellers, or scanned and emailed to cerita.sellers@dla.mil. Please ensure that all clauses are completed and returned. The contract resulting from the solicitation will provide supply support to the Tires Successor Initiative (TSI) Contractor, Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), designated in contract SPM7LX-11-D-0157/SPE7L1-14-D-0005, pursuant to FAR Part 51, and may also provide direct supply support to the Government. Award will be made on an all or none basis per individual Contract Line Item Number (CLIN) or NSN for the supplies under this solicitation. The Schedule below contains supplies managed by DLA - Land and Maritime. CLIN 0001 NSN 2610-01-056-8756 DPAS Rating: DOC9 PIC: 2 QCC: DAA Gov't Estimated Annual Demand Quantity: 14/EA Gov't Requested Delivery Days: 42 DAYS Minimum Order Quantity: 1/ea Maximum Order Quantity: 14/ea Disclaimer: The tire and quantity information in the solicitation is subject to change. Any NSN information provided above is to assist potential offerors in analysis and quote development. The Government neither warrants nor guarantees any LTC Vendor will realize the demands, other than any guaranteed minimums, which are identified herein in performance of any resulting contract. LTC Vendor prices identified in any awards/contracts (including any modifications during the contract term) resulting from the solicitation will be made publicly available and shall not be marked as proprietary. Offerors submitting quotes for ZZ-T-1619 tires must issue a statement indicating that the tires provided will be in accordance with ZZ-T-1619 specifications and requirements. CLIN 0001 NSN: 2610-01-056-8756 TIRE CHARACTERISTICS SPECIFICATION: ZZ-T-1619 TIRE SIZE DESIGNATION: 16-6.50-8 NUMERIC TIRE STRENGTH: LOAD RANGE B MAXIMUM INFLATION PRESSURE: 28 PSI TIRE LOAD MAXIMUM CAPACITY: 460 LBS TIRE CONSTRUCTION: BIAS TREAD DESIGN: DIRECTIONAL LUG SERVICE TYPE: INDUSTRIAL GARDEN TRACTOR MATERIAL: NATURAL RUBBER TIRE AIR RETENTION METHOD: TUBELESS TYPE FLAP: NO GROUP: 1 VEHICLE APPLICATION: INDUSTRIAL GARDEN TRACTOR "Item purchased according to performance specification, not Qualified Products List (QPL). A copy of the QPL is provided for reference purposes only" TRACE TO OEM (ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER) IS REQUIRED AT TIME OF QUOTE. QUOTATION WILL NOT BE COMPLETE WITHOUT UNREDACTED DOCUMENTATION See DLAD 52.246-9066 for Traceability information. Packaging and Marking: Commercial

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Fact Sheet

Defense Logistics Agency
DLA Acquisition Locations
DLA Land and Maritime
P O Box 3990 Columbus OH 43218-3990
Tire, Pneumatic Vehicular
Cerita F. Sellers, Phone 6146924005, Email cerita.sellers@dla.mil
This solicitation is being issued under the authority of FAR Parts 13 and 6.102(b) and contemplates award of contracts for items of supply that are fully competitive. 

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