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Khujand International Airport

   Tajikistan — 
Published September 10, 2015 — Deadline October 22, 2015 (3 years ago)
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Contract notice





This Invitation for Tenders follows the General Procurement Notice for this project which was published on the EBRD website, Procurement Opportunities (www.ebrd.com), on 22 August 2013 and updated on 17 December 2014.


Public Corporation “Khujand International Airport”, hereinafter referred to as the Employer, intends using part of the proceeds of a loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (the Bank) towards the cost of financing emergency runway rehabilitation, reconstruction of aerodrome resurfacing, the installation of high intensity lights and the modernisation of radio and ground control safety equipment (radio beacons).


The Employer now invites sealed tenders from suppliers for the following contract to be funded from part of the proceeds of the loan:


  • Installation of high intensity runway lighting and equipment, using existing stocks of equipment previously purchased by the airport. This includes installation of approximately 260 high intensity light units.
  • Supply and installation of additional lighting and equipment, compatible with previously purchased equipment, including cabling and transformers. Approximately 210 high intensity light units will be provided, requiring some 75,000 metres of cabling.
  • Relocation of existing glide path beacon, as well as supply and installation of new radio range finder beacon type DME/N.


Lighting and equipment to be installed at Khujand International Airport in the north of the Republic of Tajikistan, under a single contract, within a period of six months.



To be qualified for the award of a contract, tenderers (as well as subcontractors, manufacturers and producers, where indicated) must satisfy the following minimum criteria:





Company Registration and details of ownership.

Must be current, must meet requirements for eligibility and conflict of interest, including under paragraphs 2 and 3 of the Instructions to Tenderers.

Annual turnover for the past three years

Minimum 5,000,000 USD per annum or equivalent.

Audited balance sheets for the past three years

Audited balance sheets for the last three years should be submitted and must demonstrate the soundness of the Tenderer’s financial position,  showing long-term profitability. Where necessary, the Employer shall will make inquiries with the Tenderer’s bankers.

Subcontractors, manufacturers and producers (location, ownership)

Must meet requirements for eligibility, conflict of interest, including under paragraphs 2 and 3 of the Instructions to Tenderers.

Experience in the provision of lighting and airfield equipment.

Minimum of three projects completed over the previous five years for supply, installation and commissioning of airfield lighting and equipment, each project of at least a comparable size and complexity to the proposed contract. In addition, minimum of three projects completed over previous five years for supply, installation, testing and commissioning of airfield DME equipment, including flight tests. Experience related to DME equipment may be provided through named joint venture partner or specialised subcontractor.

Details of quality assurance system

(Applicable to both tenderers and their subcontractors, manufacturers and producers)

Must be sufficient to assure consistent quality of Facilities

Current obligations and pending awards

The applicant shall have the necessary resources for implementation of the contract free of ongoing obligations and/or pending contract awards. The applicant shall provide information on the on-going contractual obligations and pending contract awards. The Client may reject the application if the level of the confirmed commitments to be carried out in parallel with the Contract exceeds the applicant’s annual turnover for the previous year by a factor of 1.2.



Tendering for contracts to be financed with the proceeds of a loan from the Bank is open to firms from all countries. The proceeds of the Bank’s loan will not be used for the purpose of any payment to persons or entities, or for any import of goods, if such payment or import is prohibited by a decision of the United Nations Security Council taken under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations.


Tender documents may be obtained from the address below. Upon request, an electronic version of the documents will be promptly dispatched by email, but no liability can be accepted for loss or late delivery.


A two stage tender procedure will be adopted and will proceed as follows:


(a)        the First Stage tender will consist of a technical proposal only, without any reference to prices, and a list of any deviations to the technical and commercial conditions set forth in the tender documents or any alternative technical solutions a tenderer wishes to offer, and a justification therefore, provided always that such deviations or alternative solutions do not change the basic objectives of the project.  Following evaluation by the Employer of the First Stage tenders, the Employer may invite each tenderer who meets the qualification criteria and who has submitted a technically responsive tender to a clarification meeting.  The proposals of all such tenderers will be reviewed at the meeting and all required amendments, additions, deletions and other adjustments will be noted and recorded in a Memorandum.  Only qualified tenderers submitting a technically responsive and acceptable First Stage tender will be invited to submit a Second Stage tender.


(b)       the Second Stage tender will consist of an updated technical tender incorporating all changes required by the Employer as recorded in the Memorandum to the clarification meeting or as necessary to reflect any amendments to the tender documents issued subsequent to submission of the First Stage tender; and the commercial tender.


First Stage tenders must be delivered to the address below on or before October 22nd 2015, 13:00 at which time they will be opened in the presence of the tenderers’ representatives who wish to attend.


All Second Stage tenders must be accompanied by a Tender Security of 30,000 USD (Thirty Thousand United Stated Dollars) or its equivalent in a convertible currency, and must be delivered to the address below on or before the time and date of the submission deadline specified in the Letter of Invitation to submit Second Stage tenders, at which time they will be opened in the presence of the tenderers’ representatives who wish to attend.


Prospective tenderers may obtain further information from, and inspect and acquire the tender documents at, the following office:



Public Corporation “Khujand International Airport”

Contract Department

735715, Republic of Tajikistan, Khujand City-15


Tel:     +992 92 777 94 58, +992 92 777 05 36

Fax:    +992 34 226 11 02

Email: contract@sogdavia.com

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10 Sep 2015
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22 Oct 2015 at 13:00 Tajikistan

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