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RIP 06/2013 - Velkošenovský p. In the Big Šenov (0.930 to 1.730)

  Chomutov Czech Republic — Povodí Ohře, státní podnik
Published November 27, 2014 — Deadline June 30, 2016 (3 years ago)
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Prior notice
This is a reconstruction of the flow based on damage from flood flows June 2013. Originally it was fortified in the riverbed dry walling at an average height of 1m. The aim is the reconstruction and capacity streambed taking into account the local situation and fortifications proposal so that it respects the current requirements for fortification channels. The purpose of the building is flood damage and associated protection of surrounding properties and land. In the case of leaving the structure without the intervention threatens to increase the extent of damage retaining walls. As a result of the increasing threat to the surrounding structures also threatens to increase financial cost adjustments. The offer will be financed by the Ministry of Agriculture: 129270 "Removing the effects of floods on state water management assets II"

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