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Gender Responsive Budgeting Advisor

  NAMIBIA Namibia — Windhoek - NAMIBIA
Published July 16, 2019 — Deadline July 31, 2019 (19 days ago)
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Growing evidence suggests that in addition to increasing growth, gender equality and women’s empowerment promotes important development goals for Namibia. Gender Analysis and budgeting matters, because it contributes to economic efficiency and the achievement of gender equality. As Namibia has ratified the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women this relates to gender analysis, gender budgeting that for all planning, financial arrangements, the integration of a gender perspective and adequate planning and financing of specific programmes should be guaranteed. Governments had made efforts to systematically review how women benefit from public planning, sector expenditures; adjust planning and budgets to ensure equality of access to public sector expenditures, both for enhancing productive capacity and for meeting social needs. Moreover, growing evidence suggest that gender inequality is inefficient and not only costly to women, but also to children and many men thus hinder development. Inequality exacts costs through lower output, reduced development, less leisure and diminished well-being. The existing gender disparities, the feminization of poverty and HIV/AIDS as well as ongoing national and international efforts to address these issues require a more focused attention to understand gender issues through gender analysis and budgeting.The Govt. of Namibia efforts require a collective response of all OMAs to prioritize national development challenges via understanding gender inequalities through conducting a gender analysis. In an effort to scale up gender responsive budgeting initiatives as well as supporting gender mainstreaming and addressing core gender disparity issues, the MGECW require technical assistance, from an advisor to support efforts of capacity building of MGECW Staff and among O/M/As. These results will contribute to the attainment of the Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare on supporting the development of capacities of OMAS/ national institutions; fostering multidisciplinary approaches to development; strengthening knowledge generation and management on gender analysis/mainstreaming; promoting standards, norms and accountability mechanisms; and providing high quality technical expertise and policy advice as stipulated in NDP5.To this end, MGECW’s understanding is that Scaling up efforts towards GRB will assist to clearly highlight understanding on how to conduct a gender analysis, to identify gender issues that leads to gender inequalities and also enables the government to accurately design specific interventions in policy, plans and budget priorities to address gender imbalances and poverty. It is in this context that the MGECW wishes to strengthen its staff capacity on gender analysis by making available to the ministry, the services of a Gender Responsive Budgeting Technical Adviser for a period of 6 months to support existing efforts to scaling up GRB across all sectors. The consultant should be able to deliver a customized training that practically deals with gender issues within the administrative sector and support existing efforts to scale up GRB compliance in Namibia.UNDP Namibia therefore invites applications from a qualified individual consultant to undertake a comprehensive review of GRB in Namibia and develop and implement a capacity enhancement and advisory of plan across all O/M/As in an effort to scale up efforts of GRB in NamibiaInterested Applicants are encourage to visit the UNDP Jobs website for further details and placement of applications online. Click on View Current Vacancies, select Gender Equality group from the Group listings to locate this Vacancy as listed above and click on “apply now” to upload applications on https://jobs.undp.org/

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Windhoek - NAMIBIA
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