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RFP for the Provision of Services for the Collection/handling and Transport of Poly chlorinated Biphenyles (PCBs) and POPS Pesticides in Pakistan

  PAKISTAN Pakistan — UNDP Country Office - PAKISTAN
Published October 15, 2016 — Deadline October 31, 2016 (2 years ago)
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Contract notice
NOTES:1. The deadline has been extended till Monday 31 October 2016 (12:30 PM Pakistan Standard Time)2. Bids can also be submitted through email at bids.pk@undp.org. Please ensure the size of email should not be more than 3.5 MB for one email. You may attach number of email but please do mentioned RFP reference number, title and email sequence like email 1 of 4 etc. YOUR FINANCIAL PROPOSAL MUST BE PASSWORD PROTECTED. If technically qualified we will contact you for the password. 3. The RFP document can also be downloaded from https://www.ungm.org/Public/Notice/50615 andhttp://www.pk.undp.org/content/pakistan/en/home/operations/procurement0/undp-rfp-2016-216--transportation--handling-of-pops.html Dear Proposers, The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) hereby invites you to submit a Proposal to this Request for Proposal (RFP) for the above-referenced subject. This RFP includes the following documents: Section 1 – This Letter of InvitationSection 2 – Instructions to Proposers (including Data Sheet)Section 3 – Terms of ReferenceSection 4 – Proposal Submission FormSection 5 – Documents Establishing the Eligibility and Qualifications of the ProposerSection 6 – Technical Proposal FormSection 7 – Financial Proposal FormSection 8 – Form for Proposal SecuritySection 9 – Form for Performance Bank GuaranteeSection 10 – Contract for Professional Services, including General Terms and Conditions Your offer, comprising of a Technical and Financial Proposal, in separate sealed envelopes, should be received in accordance with Section 2 not later than Monday October 31, 2016 (12:30 PM Pakistan Standard Time) on the following address: [Ref: UNDP-RFP-2016-216]UNDP Registry, Quotation/Bids/ProposalsUnited Nations Development ProgrammeSerena Business Complex, 2nd Floor, Khayaban e Suharwardy,Islamabad, Pakistan Tel: 051-8355600 Fax: 051-2600254-5 Please ensure to mention the company name and reference number on Envelop of solicitation document e.g. [Ref. UNDP-RFP-2016-216]. In case Courier Company will use their own envelop then also make sure that Reference number is mentioned clearly. Proposals/bids/quotations received without reference number in the subject line will not be entertained and will be returned unopened to the sender (mentioned on Envelop). UNDP will not assume the responsibility for the misplacement or premature opening of the proposals, when the instructions noted above are not properly followed. A pre-proposal conference will be held on October 18, 2016 at 1100 hours at UNDP Office, 6th Floor, Serena Business Complex, Khayaban e Suharwardy Islamabad. Interested parties who wish to attend the pre-proposal conference are kindly requested to send the name, NIC number and company name to Mr. Anees Khan at anees.khan@undp.org before October 17, 2016 in order to obtain necessary security clearance. No proposer will be allowed to take part without security clearance. If you require any clarification related to this RFP, kindly send your queries to procurement.info@undp.org at least 5 days prior to the end date. While UNDP would Endeavor to provide response/clarification expeditiously, any delay in providing such information will not be considered a reason for extending the submission date. In the course of preparing your proposal, it shall remain your responsibility to ensure that it reaches the address above on or before the deadline. Proposals that are received by UNDP after the deadline indicated above, for whatever reason, shall not be considered for evaluation UNDP looks forward to receiving your Proposal and thanks you in advance for your interest in UNDP procurement opportunities.

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