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Rakamaz and Vicinity announced by Local Government Association "Rakamaz, Timar, Tiszanagyfalu, County communities of general practitioners care call center jobs"

Rakamaz és Térsége Önkormányzati Társulás | Published November 11, 2015
85100000, 85121100

Supply announced by Local Government Association family doctor on call center functions as follows: Tiszanagyfalu, Timar Szabolcs Rakamaz settlements and the administrative area of ​​the central supply of family doctors on-call duties. The organization and running of jurisdiction for adults and children (mixed) GP zone covering central medical duty service Rakamaz (4465 Rakamaz, Akácfa út 1 / a.) On working days from 18:00 the next day at 7:00 pm, and weekends and holidays from 7: 00 am to 7:00 am the next morning. Customer defined by the National Public Health and Medical Officer Service and 60/2003. (X.20.) On the basis of ESzCsM in Regulation provides the tools for the technical minimum conditions. Applicant must be transferred to the devices due diligence, proper use, preserve texture, and professional staff headcount required by law at all times. Contractor entrepreneurial part of the monthly fee will receive the health insurance office directly transfer under a financing agreement concluded with the National Health Insurance Fund. By the Health Insurance Fund to the Contractor pointed monthly amount of funds in the Customer object to the amount of the fixed monthly fee entrepreneurial supplements.
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