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Paks Medical Center X-ray devices of direct digitization - call

Paksi Gyógyászati Központ | Published May 27, 2015  -  Deadline June 12, 2015
33111000, 48180000, 33111800, 33111300

Paks Medical Center X-ray devices for direct digitization of the framework supply contract

Paks Medical Center X-ray devices of direct digitization - Results of the conference

Paksi Gyógyászati Központ | Published August 5, 2015
Innomed Medical Zrt.
33111000, 48180000, 33111800, 33111300

Subject: Paks Medical Center X-ray devices of direct digitization of the framework delivery contract: PACS Software technical parameters: • Receive Worklist hand and transmission of the HIS system, the imaging direction of modalities • From the modalities storage of images from • The PACS archive transparently expandable • Software Within the text finds grills • Towards the HIS system, the text finds from returning (if the Reporting happens to the PACS system) • images of previous examinations of the patients have access options • Pictures printing capabilities DICOM film printer, the film's size and position by defining • During the Reporting Easy to use, Hungarian language graphical user interface

Contract award notice - Purchase Medical Center Paks, thermal control system

Paksi Gyógyászati Központ | Published October 7, 2015
30231100, 48180000, 30142200, 72212110, 30216200

Subject: under the "Purchase Medical Center Paks, thermal control system of delivery" contract. Quantity: Tools 1.1 Server 1 server PC 1 750 APC Smart Defragmenter break Server 1.2 Therapeutic bath and access control POS cash register machine 3 PC machine (Debian 7, G3340 CPU, 2GB RAM, 500GB HDD). 3 thermal printer 3 Proximity Card Reader / Writer 3 customer display (VFD 2 lines, in sizes determined by NAV) 3 Monitor switch 01.03 Info Terminal System 2 Touch Screen POS 15 "2 Proximity card reader housing 1.4 Access Control (villa, disabled Gate) 2 Proximity card reader 1 x 12V 2A power supply + 7 Ah battery 1 inteligent Controller 1 x RS 485 interface 1 interface 1.5 Flexys proximity ID 50 proximity card 500 Silicon Chip Clock 1.6 Changing room locker system 175 Off-line dressing room locker 1.7 Personnel Cabinet Terminal 2 entrance doors (Door 6) 11 x Proximity Card Reader Controller 1 Online

Occupational health services amending the Prospectus contract

MVM Paksi Atomerőmű Zártkörűen Működő Részvénytársaság | Published October 16, 2015
NUKLEO-MED Foglalkozásegészségügyi Központ Foglalkozásrgészségügyi és Járóbeteg Szolgáltató Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság
85100000, 85147000, 85145000, 85121000

Occupational health services Occupational health services (including laboratory tests) providing for the Paks Nuclear Power Plant Zrt. The employee, in this context, completing 2,800 job aptitude test year, the tests of the year every working day of the executed and daily intervals specified in the documentation that amount Contracting It may differ from -20 percent. Distribution of the occupational health department of job aptitude test "A", "B", "C" and "D" as follows: "The term" occupational health department 80%; Occupational health class "B" 1%; "C" occupational health department 15%; Occupational health class "D" of 4%. 25) NM regulation) PROVIDED BY: 01.01 33/1998 on the job, career or personal hygienic suitability of the medical examination and opinion on. (. VI.24) NM defined in Regulation (.. 33/1998 (VI.24) Regulation NM), according to the order and initiate the necessary studies specialist job aptitude tests; keeping up to date for suitability tests. 1.1.2 ADDITIONAL ELIGIBILITY TEST FOR JOB 33/1998. Except as required REVIEW NM REGULATION (VI.24.): Laboratory tests - including blood sampling, dispatch (not on-site laboratory assessment) and the evaluation of laboratory results. # Drug-free status verification (preliminary job aptitude tests as part of extraordinary provisions made on the basis of FIB201 tests based on random selection pressure); # Exercise ECG test (the armed security guards examination of physical fitness) 25.) NM in addition to those set out in Regulation covers the following: # of health workers preparing documentation and continuous management of occupational health computerized filing system; # Supply management tasks for the treatment of musculoskeletal rehabilitation; # Status of patients in excess of 30 days sick leave, referred to the hospital's state of health, the placement of monitoring the continuation of the hospital doctors consultation; To ensure the rapid test is needed to diagnose early pregnancy # women of childbearing age for the job, career or personal hygienic suitability - medical examination and opinion of 33/1998 on. In case of employment of materials (8) marked according to Annex 8 NM (VI.24.); # Enable entry into the territory of Paks Nuclear Power Plant Permit applications; # Does not record job tasks carried out by the Offeror of occupational health information system (for radiation hazardous working conditions); # Creating an occupational health service accounts year after year to the date of February 15; Evaluation of employees who received a dose of radiation load and initiate any further investigations. XCIII of 1993 on occupational health, -fiziológiai, comfort, health services (8 hours a week) 2.1 The involvement of occupational health services on occupational safety and health. performing payroll tasks listed in § 58 of the Act-in. HEALTH PROFESSIONAL WORK ACTIVITIES QUALIFY UNDER THE TASKS WITH CONTRACTING initiative and agreed manner: # participation in facilities, machinery and equipment put into operation preliminary work on security aspects; # Participation of personal protective equipment, devices, jeopardizing the proper use of technology in the course of the investigation; # Contribution use of safety devices, medical fitness conditions and limitations of PPE use in determining health; # Assistance in preparing educational materials specified Work Safety Regulations; # In case the Tender contribution, ad hoc working conditions between Work Safety Regulations are not regulated in determining the type of protective equipment is needed; # Participation in workplace risk assessment; # Occupational health contribution in shaping the content of a prevention strategy, internal order # contribution of personal protective equipment allowance opinion of the selection of personal protective equipment; # Participation agreed upon with the contracting organization occupational health checks, driver's visitations; # Propose the establishment of the conditions necessary for first aid; # Occupational health in the work of the Commission participation. HYGIENE ASSESSMENT OF THE WORK - THE HARMFUL HEALTH RISK FOR DETERMINING AND MONITORING FOR - THE CONTEXT: # pathogens in the working environment (physical, chemical, biol

Paks, Hill Street GP surgery number 10 under complete renovation and accessibility of construction works - amending treaty conference

Paks Város Önkormányzata | Published September 18, 2015
N+T Építőipari és Kereskedelmi Kft.

Subject: Paks, Hill Street family doctor's office under number 10, the construction works of full refurbishing and accessibility of amounts: net 88.12 m2 family doctor's office full (architectural, building electricity / power / HVAC) renovation of accessibility standards, taking into account 1 installation with 350 kg capacity, suitable for disabled transport hydraulic-powered scissor lift, GP surgeries weak current networks of: asset protection grid, completion induction loop construction, building structured network family doctor's office interior design work of implementation: supply custom equipment, purchase of mobile equipment, supply, curb medical technology equipment , paving and rainwater drainage construction of barrier-free design in the complex 31,40 m2en and public areas 59,70m2en, garden architectural works to achieve: the building's front garden in existing dense vegetation cutting, landscaping within the complex (2 trees and ground cover shrub planting) 46.15 m2en, public landscaping (planting ground cover shrubs and grasses) 31.30 m2en, together with the additional works, according to the tender documentation players, according to the construction plan.
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