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Central African Backbone-APL - Gabon - P122776

Commission Nationale des TIPPEE | Published November 24, 2015  -  Deadline December 11, 2015

Recruitment D? To Lappui Expert At The Making Of The Repositories Medical Schedules To The Egabon Project. REPUBLIQUEGABONAISE MINISTRY OF ECONOMY, THE INVESTISSEMENTET PROSPECTIVE OF TIPPEE --------------- ------------------ COMMISSIONNATIONALE --- SECRETARIATPERMANENT PROJECT CODE PROJECT P132824 eGABON ------------------ INTEREST NOTICE OF NO AMI / 003-2015 / CNT / eGabon Recruitment of an Expert support the achievement of référentielsdes medical nomenclatures for the project eGabon

eGabon - P132824

SPCNTIPPEE | Published March 24, 2016  -  Deadline April 7, 2016

Dun Recruitment Consultant (firm) for supporting At The Realisation Of repositories Schedules Medicales For Project Egabon REPUBLIQUEGABONAISE MINISTRY OF ECONOMY, THE PROSPECTIVE INVESTISSEMENTET ---------------- - COMMISSIONNATIONALE OF TIPPEE ------------------ ------------------ eGABON SECRETARIATPERMANENT PROJECT PROJECT CODE P132824- eGabon NOTICE fOR EXPRESSIONS oF INTEREST No. AMI / 006-2016 / CNT / eGabon Recruitment of a Consultant (Firm) to support the achievement desréférentiels medical nomenclatures for eGabon This project includes steering unComité Commission, a project Management , a Project Team and desComitésRégionaux. As part of the implementation of this project, TheGovernment of the Gabonese Republic wishes to engage the services of a consultant (firm) to achieve the standards of medical nomenclatures quiviendra support to the project management "SNIS". Mission Description duConsultant The consultant will mainly pourmissions to: · Support the MSPS, the ANINFet the CNAMGS, and provide technical advice and practical hautniveaupour analysis and design of nomenclaturesmédicales référentielsdes; · Develop the pland'assurance quality detailing: background, scope, issues, desrisques management, deliverables, etc ?; · Develop the draft Plandemanagement detailing: context, needs, issues, Guiding Principles of intervention, approach and timing of the work, cartographiedes roles and responsibilities of actors involved, terms and instances depilotage,? ; · Develop and implement a capacity building program in medical nomenclature and detransfert skills to members of the project team; · Supporting the andsupplying MSPS high-level technical and practical driving tips duchangement set up to ensure good acceptance etappropriation repositories of nomenclaturesmédicales to all agents MSPS and other user entities; · Participate in ladétermination legislative and regulatory texts, estnécessaire standardsqu'il set up in the last piece of référentielsdes medical nomenclatures; · Participate in all technical lesréunions and monitoring of the project; · Menertoute other charge as may êtreconfiée entering under this technical assistance. This information must be provided through the dossiersuivant - decandidature Letter; - Grouping Déclarationéventuelle; - Candidate deprésentation Sheet (area of ​​expertise, brochure, leaflet, personnelclé for the execution of the mission, website, etc. - beyond firm Qualifications - Référencesrécentes and relevance in similar missions with mention desdonnées following: label missions, country, period of performance, achievements étatdes); It is brought to the attention of Consultants thatthe provisions of paragraph 1.9 of the "Guidelines: Selection and Employment deConsultants lesEmprunteurs by the World Bank under the IBRD Loans and IDA desCrédits and Donations" Version January 2011 revised in 2014''s'appliquent, including the provisions of clause 1.13 (d) of the said Guidelines. The criteria for establishing the listerestreinte are: - To justify a general experience of at least 10 years in the hospital; - Justify specific of at least 2 years in similar projects uneexpérience The Consultantspeuvent to partner with other firms to strengthen their compétencesrespectives in the form of a group or a subcontractor agreement. A Consultant serasélectionné based method on Consultant Qualification (QC) as described in the Guidelines '' Selection & Employment Consultantspar Borrowers of the World Bank under the IBRD Loans and IDA and desCrédits Donations ? version January 2011 revised in 2014 '' Gabon orby phone No. (+241) 08 May 1904 at the following times: 8:00 to 15:00 (local time GMT + 1) and electronic parcourrier to: and jewomba @ The folds will carry the words: 'Recrutementd'un Consultant (Firm) to support the achievement of medical desnomenclatures reference for the project eGabon ".

eGabon - P132824

cntippee | Published May 6, 2016  -  Deadline May 24, 2016

Recruitment D? A consultant (firm) For the realization D? A Mapping To Establish A State Of Places, The Equipment, And Perceptions Of The Uses Of Tic Institutions Concerned By SNIS Please do not respond. REPUBLIC OF GABON MINISTRY DEL'ECONOMIEET PROSPECTIVE ------------------ ------------------ TIPPEE NATIONALEDES COMMISSION PERMANENT SECRETARIAT ------------------ PROJECT eGabon INTEREST NOTICE No. AMI / 07-2016 / eGabon in reference 7 Recruitment of a consultant (Cabinet) to carry a map to establish an inventory, equipment, practices and perceptions of TICdes establishments involved in the NHIS This note covers in particular the functional architecture, project planning and estimates of coûtsinitiales. The Commission includes a dePilotage Committee, a Project Management, a Project Team and Regional Committees. As part of the implementation of this project, the Government of the Gabonese Republic souhaites'adjoindre the services of a consultant (Cabinet) to "support the achievement of a map for établirun étatdes places, equipment, uses and perceptions TICdes establishments involved in the NHIS "that viendraen support to project Management" SNIS ". This notice applies to informerlespotentiels candidates and to summarize the main tâchesattendues. I. General Objective The general objective of the study is to identify public health structures, parastatal etprivées and for each structure, determine the state of health care benefits, health personnel, electronic équipementsmédicaux, equipment computer and uses and perceptions of ICT, and to make these results ladisposition the Ministry of Health, ANINF and technical and financial partners. Specific objectives objectifsspécifiques of this study are to: (? Pharmacies, Clinics, Polyclinics, etc) Calibrate all desstructures public health, parastatals (Medical Social Centres) and private approved by the CNAMGS Collect information enrapport with structures, benefits health services provided, human resources, materials, and electronic équipementsmédicaux and determine their current state; Lesinformations collect on the uses and perceptions of ICT by health personnel; Collect and update the data on the "practices" of médecinetraditionnelle; Collect information Surles computer equipment, cabling, network, etc., in each structure. These informationsdoivent êtresfournies using the following file nomination letter. possible declaration of group. Candidate Listing (area of ​​expertise, brochure, brochure, website, etc. General experience of the candidate during the (5) dernièresannées. Recent Reference and relevance similar mission equivalent or even technical complexity with the following data mentionobligatoire wording of missionspays, implementation period, state of terminations). State key and appuidisponibles people. The criteria for establishing the listerestreinte are: Justify a general experience of at least 10 years in Lecadre surveys, analysis and processing of statistical data; Have performed at least five (5) enquêtessimilaires during the ten (10) years to enhance their skills and increase their chances of êtreprésélectionnés, candidates can join in Groupement. Following the expression of interest, a firm / company will be retained etconsulté from the selection method based on Consultants Qualification and in accordance with the procedures définiesdans Guidelines Selection and Employment of Consultants by World Bank lesEmprunteurs in Desprets the framework of IBRD and IDA Credits and donations dated January 2011 - Revised version July 2014, including the provisions of clause 1.13 (d) of the said Guidelines. Gabon or telephone No. (+241) 01 72 27 85, (+241) 05 19 04 03 at the following times: 8:00 to 15:00 (local time) by email to: and jewomba @ the folds will carry the following entry "Recruitment of a consultant (firm) to support the realization of a mapping pourétablir a étatdes premises, equipment, practices and perceptions of ICT establishments concerned leSNIS"
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