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Equipment and consumables for electro chemotherapy (ECT) and electro gene therapy (EGT).

Region Hovedstaden | Published June 18, 2014
Kiritec ApSMøgelgårdsvej 14aLystrup 8520

The purchase of 1 piece. Cliniporator equipment and related consumables (electrodes) for electro chemotherapy (ECT) and electro gene therapy (EGT).

Electrotherapy 2014 / S 115-202672

Region Hovedstaden | Published June 18, 2014

Electrotherapy purchase of 1 piece. Cliniporator equipment and related consumables (electrodes) for electro chemotherapy (ECT) and electro gene therapy (EGT).

3069 - Faxitron, Clinical Pathology, Odense University Hospital, Odense

Medicoteknik, Region Syddanmark | Published April 27, 2016  -  Deadline May 12, 2016

The primary use of the equipment will be:
- Macro Assessment and excision of breast cancer preparations for either mastectomy or lumpectomy.
- Identification of microcalcifications, Franks needle coil selection in mastectomy after chemotherapy, etc.
- Identification of microcalcifications in paraffin-embedded material.

Technical requirements:
- Detector Field of at least 23x29 cm such that there is possible to make the X-ray of a whole brystresektat
- Resolution / picture quality: It must be possible to recognize microcalcifications ideally down to a size of about 20 microns
- Connection to RIS / PACS
- Easy and intuitive operation

Infusion supplies

Region Syddanmark | Published February 23, 2017  -  Deadline March 27, 2017
33194120, 33192330, 33194000, 33194220, 79632000

South Denmark provider contract (s) on the purchase of tubing and hoses, as well as transfusion, for use at normal temperature. gravitational administration of medications and fluids, as well as more specific infusion for example. drug mixture, administration of cytotoxic chemotherapy and TIVAsæt to anesthesia departments. It also includes individual extension hoses and transfusionsæt to blood components.

Offering concerns Contracting Authority's procurement of infusion and transfusion and snakes.

Requirements specification referred. Contract Appendix 2 contains a detailed description of the products offered.

The tender is divided into lots. See section. 11.3.

Projected consumption volumes and volumes relating to the proposed contract and the individual lots in the tender stated in Contract Annex 3rd

The stated estimates and forecast consumption volume is solely the opinion of the Contracting Authority's expectations for usage of the services covered by the proposed contract. The Contracting Authority undertakes not to purchase a certain amount of benefits, or to buy for a certain amount on the basis of the framework agreement. The actual consumption can thus turn out to be higher or lower than what the estimates indicate. The eligible institutions and entities

The tender concerns the purchase of infusion and transfusion and hoses for all Region of Southern hospital units / hospital units and institutions, including private institutions.

Delivery addresses stated in Contract Appendix fifth

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