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Olsztyn: Delivery closed system blood collection

Samodzielny Publiczny Zakład Opieki Zdrowotnej Ministerstwa Spraw Wewnętrznych z Warmińsko-Mazurskim Centrum Onkologii w Olsztynie | Published September 13, 2016  -  Deadline July 22, 2016
PZ CORMAY S.A., ul. Wiosenna 22, 02-496 Łomianki, kraj/woj. mazowieckie.
33141300, 33141320, 33192500

Object of the contract is the delivery of a closed system of blood sampling in 3 packages.

Medical consumables

Wojewódzki Specjalistyczny Szpital Dziecięcy im. prof. dr Stanisława Popowskiego w Olsztynie | Published November 3, 2017
Roche Diabetes Care Polska Sp. z o.o.

The subject of the order is the delivery together with the delivery to the registered office of the ordering of various small disposable medical equipment in the assortment and quantities specified in Annex 2 to SIWZ according to a package divided into 91 tasks:

- Package containing 91 tasks - Different disposable medical equipment, different: various catheters (suction, feeding, urethral and others), gums, syringes, infusion fluids, extension cords for infusion pumps, needles, cannulas, obturators, luer-lock kits, medical waste containers, transcutaneous endoscopic kits, pleural and thoracic drainage kits, pyrexial vesicles, vial adapters, epidural sets, infusion pumps, Braun pump syringes, central venous catheterization kits, measuring electrodes, parenteral filters, urine bags, ECG and holter electrodes, and more.

Foley catheters, gastric tubes, suction catheters, gel-filled soot - 24 items in the task.

Needles - 7 items in the task.

Urethra catheters - 3 items in the task.

Syringes for syringe pumps - 2 items in the task.

Infusion branches - 2 items in the task.

Nephrostomy kits, pyleostomy catheters, balloon catheters - 3 items in the task.

Stabilizers for intubation tubes - 1 position in the task.

Urine collection bags, daily urine collection bags, closed system for hourly diuresis measurement - 3 items in the task.

Intravenous injection cannulas, vascular access valves - 3 positions in the task.

Medical cannulae - 1 position in the task.

Single needle for safe blood sampling - 1 position in the task.

Suction control tips, precision suction tips, multi-tube drains, Delbet drainage - 5 items in the task.

Diagnostic Gloves for cytostatics - 1 pos ...

Company health services

Komenda Wojewódzka Policji w Olsztynie | Published March 10, 2015  -  Deadline April 15, 2015

The contract is available medical services including screening of people detained in the operation of 13 police units of the garrison of Warmia and Mazury. 654, as amended. d.). 3. Provision of the services will be carried out round the clock in the following areas: U. of 6 June 2012, n. 638). b) the taking of blood from a person in custody for testing - the content of alcohol in the blood, including the drafting of blood collection protocol (with carrying out the necessary observation and interview). Quantity of the services specified for individual tasks has been adopted by the Contracting Authority is estimated in order to calculate the bid price by the contractor and shall not be the basis for claims by the contractor in case of a smaller number of orders in the course of the contract. 9 CFR Nidzica). The Contractor shall notify the Purchaser in writing of any change in the services provided. Contractor shall note in the documentation provided to the Employer of the need for additional activities, referred to above. Package for blood sampling protocol printing representative will provide each organizational unit of the Police who reports the study of the detained person. The treatment of detainees is not included in the scope of the agreement and based on principles of universal health insurance. 1410, as amended.). As part of this contract the Contractor shall where necessary seal wounds to the subject, as well as prescription drugs on the essential drugs. The Contractor shall provide the services in the indicated their facility is located within the activities of the police unit, ie. In the village, which is located a command or outside the city (district). The reaction of the Contractor to report on duty organizational unit of the Police, concerning the investigation of the detained person shall take place without undue delay. The Contractor will be required to provide written reasons for its refusal to grant consent to place the detainee in PDOZ (room of detainees) - in cases of medical contraindications for placement of a person detained in a room for detainees. Transporting the detained person to conduct the medical examination provides police, subject to the situation in which the health of a person in custody illustrates the need for her carry a special measure of medical transport. If a person does not consent to provide medical first aid or conduct the necessary medical examination or his behavior prevents these steps, the doctor note this fact in the certificate. The Contractor shall take full responsibility for ensuring the performance of research by qualified personnel under the applicable law. The Contractor agrees to provide services and medical services in accordance with the applicable provisions: 654, as amended.), And implementing regulations issued pursuant thereto; 1102); 117); KGP with 2009.6.29) The Purchaser is allowed partial bids broken down as follows: Task 1 - service test persons detained in the operation of the CPP unit Bartoszyce Task No. 2 -świadczenie research services people detained in the operation of the CPP Działdowo Problem # 3 - research services people detained in an operation of an Elk CPP Task No. 4 - service test persons detained in the operation of an NPM Giżycko Problem # 5 - provision of research of detainees in the operation of an RU Gołdap Task No. 6 -świadczenie research services of detainees in the operation of the CPP unit Iława Task No. 7 -świadczenie research services of detainees in the operation of an RU Kętrzyn Task No. 8 -świadczenie research services of detainees in the operation of an RU Mrągowo Task No. 9 -świadczenie research services of detainees in the CPP unit operation nidzica Task No. 10 -świadczenie research services people detained in the operation of the CPP unit Olecko Task No. 11 -świadczenie research services people detained in the operation of the CPP units Dobre Miasto Task No. 12 -świadczenie research services people detained in the operation of the unit Ostróda CPP; Task No. 13 -świadczenie research services people detained in the operation of the unit KP Morag
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