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Aerospace Medicine Safety Information System (AMSIS) Draft SIR - Response to Industry Comments

Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) | Published August 18, 2016  -  Deadline November 2, 2016

The purpose of this public announcement is to release industry comments that resulted from the AMSIS Draft SIR. If you're viewing this announcement from a source other than Federal Aviation Administration Contract Opportunities (FAACO), visit to view the original announcement.

Industry Standards Online Document Service FAA SW Region CSA Fort Worth, TX

Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) | Published August 25, 2015  -  Deadline September 7, 2015

1. Introduction & Brief Background In order to comply with the stated mandate below, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) intends to enter in to a contract for an online subscription service to industry standards and specifications for use by the FAA Technical Operations Service Unit. Congress and the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) have published law and rule-making regarding the use of Voluntary Consensus Standards by federal agencies. Section 12(d), Public Law 104-113 (Mar. 7, 1996) mandates, in part, that: "(1) IN GENERAL. Except as provided in paragraph (3) of this subsection, all Federal agencies and departments shall use technical standards that are developed or adopted by Voluntary Consensus Standards bodies, using such technical standards as a means to carry out policy objectives or activities determined by the agencies and departments. (2) CONSULTATION; PARTICIPATION. In carrying out paragraph (1) of this subsection, Federal agencies and departments shall consult with voluntary, private sector, consensus standards bodies and shall, when such participation is in the public interest and is compatible with agency and departmental missions, authorities, priorities, and budget resources, participate with such bodies in the development of technical standards. (3) EXCEPTION. If compliance with paragraph (1) of this subsection is inconsistent with applicable law or otherwise impractical, a Federal agency or department may elect to use technical standards that are not developed or adopted by Voluntary Consensus Standards bodies if the head of each such agency or department transmits to the Office of Management and Budget an explanation of the reasons for using such standards." Therefore, the FAA is conducting this market survey to seek potential sources capable of meeting technical and delivery requirements. Specific requirements are identified in the Scope of Work (SOW) below. Any vendor that believes it can provide these services is invited to submit a Capability Statement not to exceed 10 pages in length (in contractor format) addressing its abilities to meet all of the requirements identified in the SOW as addressed below. No substitutions will be considered. 2. Scope of Work To safely and efficiently support the implementation of Facility and Equipment (F&E) projects within the National Airspace System (NAS), the Technical Operations Service Unit needs quick and direct access to industry standards and specifications that provide safety codes, fire protection codes, construction standards, power and cabling standards, communication standards and other technical regulations. The FAA intends and reserves the right to award a contract for an online subscription service meeting the requirements in this section to a single vendor. An online tool that encompasses industry standards and specifications from a single vendor efficiently streamlines the process of searching multiple sources for compliance information, saving time while helping to achieve the benefits of interoperability, consistent quality, and safety for the FAA. It is expected that a vendor meeting these requirements will provide these items electronically, through a standard web browser, with the following characteristics: A. Provide a bibliographic records search - The ability to search existing industry standards and specifications whether or not the documents are part of a FAA paid access subscription. At a minimum, all the standard developing organizations listed in Tab 1 of Attachment 1, ‘List of Standards’ will be made available in the bibliographic record search to users on the first day of the performance period of this contract as specified in Section 3. No substitutions will be considered. Additional features include: - On line search capability and indexing of at least 90% of the industry standards development organizations including public-sector, military, and government organizations. -Access to document summaries or document pages via a number of different search paths including: • Document Number using the full document number, or part of a number • Keywords from document titles and abstracts • Organization name or acronym • ANSI Approved documents • DoD Adopted documents • Documents recently new or revised • Federal Supply Class • Document Type (Military Drawings, NATO documents, etc.) - The name, address, and contact numbers for all originating organizations will be included in each search result. Organizations can be identified by either their acronym or full name. - Document summaries (bibliographic records) that provide full document titles including revision, supplement, addenda, errata indication, and cross referencing to superseded material, document number, number of document pages, publication date, indication of ANSI approval, DoD adoption, and new or revised since the previous update, abstracts (where available) and any additional information available. - Provide priority document lists that can be generated and saved by the user for quick document access and automatic update notification of any changes to the standard. B. Provide a paid access subscription A subset of most often used industry standards and specifications, described in part C, of which the FAA has paid for full access rights. Full access will allow qualified users to: - Use the same bibliographic records search as stated in section A. - Open the full text of the document on line from the search results. - Download a copy of the document to the user's local hard drive. - Print the document from the online version or the local hard drive copy. - All document files will be printable at a minimum of 300 d.p.i. (dots per inch) resolution. These images can be accessed using Adobe Acrobat Reader through a standard Internet browser. Adobe's Page handling capabilities when viewing will include: - The ability to enlarge (zoom), multiple times if required, any portion of the page. - The ability to turn a page through 360 degrees in 90 degree increments. - The ability to print an enlarged portion of a page, single page, range of pages, or the entire document to paper. - The printed page will include the name of the copyrighting organization. C. Provide a custom collection of industry standards and specifications In order for the FAA to effectively use available funding, the vendor must provide the ability to create custom standard collections based on individual standards from various standards developing organizations and not wholesale access to entire sets of standards from any specific standards developing organization. In addition, pricing should be based on number of simultaneous users, number of user locations and estimated number potential users able to access the documents at each location. The locations and number of potential users are identified in Tab 14 of Attachment 1, ‘List of Standards’. The number of maximum number of simultaneous users per standard collection is identified in Tab 15 of Attachment 1, ‘List of Standards’. The FAA is interested in the following custom collection of standards, no substitutions will be considered: - AEC - Architectural/Engineering/Construction set of standards referenced in the International Code Council's 2012 I-Codes. See Tab 2 of Attachment 1, ‘List of Standards’. - Custom – Custom collection of American Society of Mechanical Engineering (ASME), Underwriters Laboratories (UL), American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), International Electro-technical Commission (IEC), National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), and International Electrical Testing Association (NETA). See Tab 3 of Attachment 1, ‘List of Standards’ - FAA - Federal Aviation Administration Specification and Standards. See Tab 4 of Attachment 1, ‘List of Standards’ - ICC - International Code Council 2015 version and historical versions back to 2000. See Tab 5 of Attachment 1, ‘List of Standards’ - IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. See Tab 6 of Attachment 1, ‘List of Standards’ - TIA - Telecommunications Industry Association. See Tab 7 of Attachment 1, ‘List of Standards’ - ASCE - American Society of Civil Engineers. See Tab 8 of Attachment 1, ‘List of Standards’ - ANSI - American National Standards Institute related standards. See Tab 9 of Attachment 1, ‘List of Standards’ - NFPA - National Fire Protection Association Set of standards that includes all of the NFPA fire codes and standards and also includes the complete text of the handbooks. See Tab 10 of Attachment 1, ‘List of Standards’ - ISEA – International Safety Equipment Association. See Tab 11 of Attachment 1, ‘List of Standards’ - ALI – American Ladder Institute. See Tab 12 of Attachment 1, ‘List of Standards’ - ASSE/SAFE – American Society of Safety Engineers. See Tab 13 of Attachment 1, ‘List of Standards’ D. Deliverables - On line access account to services described in scope of work - Monthly usage reports by user and by document standard - Technical support phone number available during normal business hours 3. Period of Performance This requirement is for a one year subscription of online access to the industry standards and specifications for the Technical Operations Service Unit. The period of performance will be 09/30/15 through 9/29/16. 4. Purpose At this time the nature of the final competition has not been determined. This market survey is designed to provide information for the FAA to consider in choosing the method and type of procurement competition. 5. Attachments: a. Business Declaration Form b. List of Standards_FY16 6. Submission Format: Format: Electronic Quantity: 1 set Address: NOTES: Electronic submission is required. All responses (one per company) are to be provided on company letterhead and limited to a total of 10 pages. No type font less than 11 point may be used. The submission should be in either Microsoft WORD format or portable document format (PDF). Please note that the FAA e-mail server restricts file size to 10MB per email message, therefore, responses may have to be submitted in more than one e-mail in order to be received. This market survey is for informational purposes only and shall not be construed as a commitment or a promise to contract by the Government. All Submissions must be received by 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time on September 7, 2015. For questions, requests for additional information, etc. regarding this market survey, contact Charles Lingafelt, Contracting Officer, via E-mail: Submission must include company Point(s) of Contact, telephone number(s), FAX number(s), E-mail address (es) (if available), and mailing address. This announcement is not intended to guarantee procurement of the services, and shall not be construed as a commitment by the Government to enter into a contract. The Government is not liable for costs associated with the preparation, submittal of inquiries or responses for this announcement and will not reimburse any firm for cost incurred in responding to this public announcement. Responses will not be returned. Since this is a sources sought announcement, no evaluation letters and/or results will be issued to the respondents. No solicitation exists at this time. If a solicitation is issued, it will be announced on the FAA's Contract Opportunities web page. It is the Offeror's responsibility to monitor this site for the release of the solicitation. If you're viewing this announcement from a source other than Federal Aviation Administration Contract Opportunities (FAACO), visit to view the original announcement.
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