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Industrial gases

Thames Water Utilities Limited | Published May 12, 2017  -  Deadline May 30, 2017

Thames Water Utilities wish to award for the supply of industrial gases to be used in the treatment of clean water treatment, wastewater treatment and in the testing and analysis of water quality using laboratory gases.

Thames Water Utilities wish to award for the supply of industrial gases to be used in the treatment of clean water treatment, wastewater treatment and in the testing and analysis of water quality using laboratory gases.

Industrial gases are used for clean water and sewage treatment to ensure water is purified and safe to use, and in laboratories for running of instruments which are then used for the processing of samples taken in response to the statutory and regulatory programme.

Amongst others, the main industrial gases will be required are:

Chlorine (only in cylinders)

Sulphur (Sulfur *) Dioxide (in drums and cylinders)

Ammonia (in drums and cylinders)

Oxygen (only in cylinders)

Acetylene (only in cylinders)

Argon (only in cylinders)

Carbon Dioxide (only in cylinders)

Cryogenic Nitrogen (bulk delivery into tank)

Cryogenic Argon (bulk delivery into tank)

Oxygen free nitrogen (only in cylinders)

Helium (only in cylinders)

Hydrogen (only in cylinders)

Methane (only in cylinders)

Carbon Dioxide (only in cylinders)

Argon 10 % methane (only in cylinders)

Only, sulphur dioxide and ammonia are required in drums as well as cylinders, all other gases are required in cylinders.

In addition to the gases above and other gases used in the small quantities.

Special gases (Cryogenic Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Helium and Argon / Methane (10 %) mixture) are used in the Laboratory for the running of instruments which are then used for the processing of samples taken in response to the statutory & regulatory programme. These samples provide results which allow us to prove to government regulators and customers that we are meeting strict obligations.

Laboratory also receives weekly deliveries of Cryogenic Argon and Cryogenic Nitrogen into tanks.

FA1285 The supply of industrial parts and hand tools

Thames Water Utilities Limited | Published January 21, 2017
Brammer UK Limited

Thames Water Utilities Limited (TWUL) is to commence a procurement process for their ‘Industrial Parts and Tools’ product category, with a planned go-to-market date of 25.1.2016.

This procurement project consists of 3 lots and will be sourced through a product code search via Achilles UVDB.

Industry specific software package

SSE Telecommunications Limited | Published August 20, 2015

Industry specific software package

Industry specific software package

Thames Water Utilities Limited | Published April 14, 2017
Siemens plc
48100000, 48700000, 48000000

Notification of Award of the following:

TW would like to procure a new Meter Data Management System (MDMS), which will be a central hub for data from our entire metering base (AMI, AMR & Manual)

The scope of this OJEU notice is for the provision of a new Meter Data Management System. It includes:

— software licences,

— maintenance of the software licences,

— basic water-industry configuration (if applicable).

The implementation and integration of the future System with TW back end systems is not in scope of this OJEU notice.

Thames Water reserves the right to consider both Cloud-based and on-premise software products.

This procurement is not divided into lots as it is intended to procure all products and services from a single supplier.

For licences, both Cloud-based and on-premise solutions will be considered.

As in II.1.4 Short Description.

C478 Advanced Demolition.

Thames Water Utilities Limited | Published March 28, 2015
Coleman & Company Limited

Thames Water Utilities Limited (‘TWUL’) has a requirement to undertake the demolition of the ground structures at several Thames Tideway Tunnel (TTT) worksites and removing all demolition waste generated from the works (including removal of waste by river). Any voids and/or below ground structures are to be filled with aggregate material as per the site specific specification. Upon completion, the sites are to be secured with permanent hoarding by the Contractor as per the specification, unless otherwise stated in the contract. Further details can be found in PQP and the ITT. It is intended that the contract will be awarded by TWUL but the right is reserved for the contract to be awarded by the Infrastructure Provider (‘IP’) or for the awarded contract to be novated or assigned to the IP in due course. The IP will be a separately licensed waste water company, regulated by Ofwat and with its own credit rating. The Works are to take place in London, UK. Structures to be demolished include walls, light clad industrial units, temporary cabins, brick and steel clad warehouse buildings of varying heights, steel clad buildings up to 13.5 m high, weighbridges and road ramps, two to four storey brick and steel clad office buildings, single store steel portal frame warehouse buildings, electrical substation buildings and the clearance of an existing stockpile of crushed 6f2 demolition material. Works will be DCO compliant. The scope of the Works will be further described in the ITT. Applicants should note however that: — the value range stated in this OJEU Contract Notice is an estimated value for the Works Contract as at the date of the Contract Notice. The value is indicative and intended only for guidance at this stage. The actual values of the Contract may be higher or lower; — Thames Water do not guarantee or warrant the value of Contact(s); and; — Thames Water reserves the right to vary the scope of the Works (for example but not limited to) to make changes to reflect matters under, arising from or in connection with the DCO. Interested organisations should refer to II.2 (Quantity or scope) and VI.3 (Additional information) and to the PQP for further information on the description of the Works and the Contract.

Provision of a Contingency Call Handling Service and Control Room

Royal Berkshire Fire Authority | Published March 29, 2018

Provision of a contingency call handling service in an emergency fire service control room environment in the Thames Valley. II.1.6) Information about lots This contract is divided into lots: No II.1.7) Total value of the procurement Value excluding VAT: 250 000.00 GBP II.2) Description II.2.3) Place of performance NUTS code: UK Main site or place of performance: Location to be agreed but based within the Thames Valley, UK. II.2.4) Description of the procurement Royal Berkshire Fire Authority host the fire service emergency control room for the Thames Valley fire and rescue services. The authority has identified a potential requirement for a contingency call handling service to provide cover in the event of a pandemic or industrial action, pandemic etc. The service will require staff who are already trained and with the relevant experience, knowledge and skills to deal with emergency calls of a similar nature and be able to work with officers to deploy the appropriate emergency response. II.2.11) Information about options Options: No II.2.13) Information about European Union funds The procurement is related to a project and/or programme financed by European Union funds: No Section IV: Procedure IV.1) Description IV.1.1) Type of procedure Award of a contract without prior publication of a call for competition in the Official Journal of the European Union Justification for selected award procedure: The procurement falls outside the scope of application of the Directive Explanation: The authority is seeking a suitably experience organisation able to offer a contingency emergency call handling service for the Thames Valley fire and rescue services across the Thames Valley. A full review of the market has been undertaken and the only provider that is able to offer this service is Securitas Ltd. IV.1.8) Information about Government Procurement Agreement (GPA) The procurement is covered by the Government Procurement Agreement: No Section V: Award of contract/concession Contract No: Project 00443 Title: Provision of a Contingency Call Handling Service in an Emergency Control Room V.2 Award of contract/concession V.2.1) Date of conclusion of the contract/concession 27/03/2018 V.2.2) Information about tenders The contract has been awarded to a group of economic operators: No V.2.3) Name and address of the contractor Securitas Ltd Cobra House Ortensia Drive Milton Keynes MK17 8LX UK Telephone: +44 7585991613 E-mail: NUTS: UK The contractor is an SME: No V.2.5) Information about subcontracting Section VI: Complementary information VI.4) Procedures for review VI.4.1) Review body Chief Fire Officer, Royal Berkshire Fire Authority Newsham Court, Calcot Reading RG31 7SD UK E-mail: Internet address(es) URL: VI.5) Date of dispatch of this notice 27/03/2018 Information added to the notice since publication. Additional information added to the notice since it's publication. No further information has been uploaded. Main Contact: Admin Contact: N/a Technical Contact: N/a Other Contact: N/a Commodity Categories Commodity Categories IDTitleParent Category 79430000Crisis management servicesBusiness and management consultancy and related services Delivery Locations Delivery Locations IDDescription 100UK - All Alert Region Restrictions The buyer has restricted the alert for this notice to suppliers based in the following regions. Alert Region Restrictions There are no alert restrictions for this notice. $('.rtsUL').attr('role', 'tablist'); $('.rtsLink').each(function (i, obj) { $(obj).attr("aria-controls", "ctl00_ContentPlaceHolder1_tab_StandardNoticeView1_Page" + (i + 1)); $(obj).attr("role", "tab"); $(obj).attr("tabindex", "0"); }); $('.MultiPage').each(function (i, obj) { $(obj).attr("aria-labelledby", "Tab" + (i + 1)); $(obj).attr("role", "tabpanel"); $(obj).attr("tabindex", "0"); }); $('.rtsLI').each(function (i, obj) { $(obj).attr("role", "presentation"); }); $("a[role='tab']").click(function () { $("a[role='tab']").attr("aria-selected", "false"); $(this).attr("aria-selected", "true"); var tabpanid = $(this).attr("aria-controls"); var tabpan = $("#" + tabpanid); $("div[role='tabpanel']").attr("aria-hidden", "true"); tabpan.attr("aria-hidden", "false"); }); $("a[role='tab']").keydown(function (ev) { if (ev.which == 13) { $(this).click() } }); $("a[role='tab']").keydown(function (ev) { if ((ev.which == 39) || (ev.which == 37)) { var selected = $(this).attr("aria-selected"); if (selected == "true") { $("a[aria-selected='false']").attr("aria-selected", "true").focus(); $(this).attr("aria-selected", "false"); var tabpanid = $("a[aria-selected='true']").attr("aria-controls"); var tabpan = $("#" + tabpanid); $("div[role='tabpanel']").attr("aria-hidden", "true"); tabpan.attr("aria-hidden", "false"); } } }); Copyright © Sell2Wales Connect with us Email signup Subscribe to our email newsletter Subscribe Call us on 0800 222 9004 Accessibility| Privacy Policy & Cookies| Site map| Terms & Conditions| © Millstream Associates Limited 2018 //
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